The Grapevine: The Solar Eclipse, the Upcoming Italian Festival, and the Sons of Italy Picnic

By Rosalyn Queen Alonso on August 17, 2017 from The Grapevine via

Most of the talk on television and in friendly circles is about the eclipse. It is being referred to as a total eclipse because the moon will cover the sun. 
The eclipse will occur on August 21 starting on the west coast of the United States and travelling across the entire country. There will be 14 states in its path and those in the direct path will experience a full eclipse while the rest will have a partial eclipse.  
The closest states to West Virginia to have a total eclipse are Kentucky and the Carolinas. In Clarksburg we will be able to experience a partial eclipse at around 2:36 in the afternoon. The last total eclipse was in 1918 and this may be the only opportunity for a long time for us to witness this. 
We are being advised that we should have our eyes protected when looking directly at the eclipse. If you are interested in this phenomenon  there have been many articles published and you can check it out on Facebook. Remember this is a free experience that any of us can participate in.
August has a lot happening and it means that the Italian Festival is on its way.  I hope you will take advantage of all the wonderful entertainment and the good food.
Last week I attended the annual Sons of Italy picnic. Our membership is dwindling and I hope that you will be interested in joining our organization. We really need some young members to take an interest in our heritage.  As usual the food was great and Brandon Leroy entertained us with great music and he really can play that saxapone. He advised us that he will be playing at the Italian Festival. I urge  you to be sure and attend his program.
This past week the PWA Board voted on ten wonderful Italian American Women in Harrison County to honor.  This luncheon will be held in conjunction of the observance of Italian Culture Month in October.   Be sure to watch for the announcement of these women and get your reservations in early as this is always a sold out event.
Just a reminder that the perfect place to have that holiday party is at the Uptown Event Center.  Call 304 624 6881 to make your reservation. While you are at it make arrangements to join the PWA.  We have a lot of exciting things planned for fall and as a member you will enjoy a lot of social privileges. 
I hope you are getting your canning done. Remember it will soon be mushroom time. Until next week.... “Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

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