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By Rosalyn Queen Alonso on May 10, 2018 from The Grapevine via

Traditions. This's past weekend a tradition was held for the 144th time. The Kentucky Derby is always held on the first Saturday of May.
Each of us observes traditions almost every day. Most traditions are for happy occasions. Although there are several traditions observed for sad occasions such as funerals or death. Most times we cannot trace the start of a tradition but generally they are handed down from family to family.
The Kentucky Derby started 144 years ago with a group of horse owners who were located in Kentucky, the heart of horse country. The first derby was so successful that the planers decided that they wanted to continue. As happens on most events the planners see the possibility of the event growing into a tourism attraction and a money maker for the area. The event grew from a one day two minute race to a week long event. The derby generates someday the most money af any event in the USA. First the horses are some of the most expensive and prize possessions in any sport.
Once the horse is obtained much time and money is put onto the training. It may take years to get the horse ready but usually the horse will be ready to run at about two years old. No one can predict if they have a winner or not, but if I were betting I would just say that it is the luck of the draw. In my opinion there is no animal more beautiful than a Thorrobred getting ready to race.
About twenty years ago I attended the derby which is held in Louisville, Kentucky. I was a member of the national Fairs and Festivals Association and these opportunities were made available to festival executives to observe how these events planned activities associated with the event. I was invited to observe the planning and staging of the parade. On the night before the race a concert was held. The stars were Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill. She was expecting their first child and joined Tim on stage to sing.
On race day I got up early enough to put on my expensive hat and went over to the track. Since we were guests we had nice seats. Of course, I went to the betting area and decided that I would place a two dollar bet on each horse, which in the end I came out a little ahead. Before the main race there were several others, but the excitement grew as the big race time drew near. In two minutes it was over but it was worth the excitement. If you have never attended the Kentucky Derby, plan on being there next May. It is an event you will truly enjoy.
Mothers Day is here and I hope you take the time to observe it with your mother. Traditions are very heavy for Mothers Day. Cards, flowers, meals and gifts are usually the call of the day. But most important is spending the day with her and extending all the love you have for her. Be sure to include your children as they learn and observe the traditions you follow to honor your mother.
From me to all mothers, enjoy this day especially for you. Happy Mothers Day!
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