The Grapevine: Memorial Day, Women of Distinction, and a Little Garden

By Rosalyn Queen Alonso on May 30, 2019 from The Grapevine via

Memorial Day officially welcomes in summer.  Now we can go the pools, plan our vacations and get out our white pants and shoes. But I hope that we remembered what Memorial Day is about. 
Memorial Day is a time to remember all those soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom.  Perhaps you had the opportunity to visit the cemetery and appreciated the beauty of the flags that were placed on the graves.  Any true American would surely be moved by this sight. 
This year I had the opportunity to visit the Veterans Nursing Home located next to the Veterans Hospital.  My brother in law and Vietnam veteran, Dan Fisher, makes monthly visits there to veterans observing their birthdays and takes them a gift.  This month Dan invited me to go with him.  One of the residents he was going to visit was Russell Bonasso who is observing his 94th birthday.  As we approached the home I had a feeling of pride that we were providing a place for our Veterans.  
Russ and I have been friends for many years.  I first met him when he served on the Italian Festival Board together. Our friendship continued in our community and in our church.  Russ, may you have more birthdays in good health and a big thank you to the staff there who provide such wonderful care for our veterans. I encourage you to plan a visit there.
Celebrate America will be the theme of the Women of Distinction luncheon that will be held at noon on Friday, June 7 at the Uptown Event Center on Washington Avenue.  The event is sponsored by the Progressive Women's Association and is open to the public. 
This program will honor ten Harrison County women who have distinguished themselves in their chosen careers and who have dedicated themselves to volunteering in our community to make it a better place.  The PWA has honored over 125 women who have volunteered countless hours to many varied projects that have helped hundreds of people in Harrison County.  Sometimes an honoree heads up a fundraiser or helps at the hospital or volunteers at a local school. It could be a woman who is tending to her grandchildren while her daughter works to provide a home for them.  And there are the women who are taking care of their parents who are homebound or who have dementia.  Volunteerism comes in Many forms and each situation is important to that individual.  There is no dollar amount that can be attached to this type of service.  I hope you will become involved in this program.  Become a member of the PWA.  For more information about the luncheon or the PWA call Elinda at 304-624-6881.
Just a note about my little garden on my patio.  Everything seems to be thriving and I've even enjoyed some fresh basil already.  This week my brother Bill and his wife Dani were in from Florida.  They had me over for dinner and needed fresh basil for the tomato salad.  Nothing is better with fresh bread.  I am hoping that I will have zucchini but there are no blossoms yet...but soon I hope.  Waiting for my first tieala.
Just a reminder to make plans to attend some of the festivals being planned in our area.  For more information on them get a brochure from the Visitors Bureau located on Third Street in Clarksburg.
Stay safe, remember your sun screen watch out for kids and until next week "Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine."


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