The Grapevine: Saluting City Council Winners, Feast of the Patron, PWA Events and a Little Gardening

By Rosalyn Queen Alonso on July 24, 2017 from The Grapevine via

Earlier this month, our family was honored to be in attendance at the swearing-in ceremony for the members of the Bridgeport City Council. Although we were most happy for all the new council members, we were especially happy and proud to witness the swearing in of Andy Lang as the new mayor of Bridgeport. 
Most of you know that Andy is married to my daughter Lisa and they are the parents of my granddaughter, Miranda. Andy is a lifelong resident Bridgeport and he and Lisa operate their businesses from Bridgeport.  He is the son of the late Jim and Kate Lang, who also spent their adult lifetime as residents of Bridgeport.  We congratulate Andy and know that he will work to the best of his ability for the residents of Bridgeport.
Although it was a little late in coming, I want to share with you some correspondence received from Italy this past week. It was a letter from Don Stefano Bazzuchi, the parish priest at the Santa Maria delle Grazie Monastero, located in San Giovanni in Fiore.
The letter was to inform me of the upcoming celebrations planned for the feast of the patron saint, St. John the Baptist, who was the patron saint to many of us who attended the St. Johns Catholic Church in Clarksburg. 
The celebration has ancient origins in San Giovanni. St. John the Baptist was considered the symbol of moral rectitude and political correctness.  Each year the city organizes several religious and cultural and folklore events that end with a magnificent firework display called "I fuochi e San Giovanni."  We should all aspire to attend this celebration in Italy some date.  It probably compares to our July Fourth celebrations.
The 93rd Annual State Fair of West Virginia will be held August 10-19 in Lewisburg.  For a brochure and schedule of events stop in at the Clarksburg Convention and Visitors Bureau and visit with Kathie Titus who will be glad to give you a brochure.
Earlier this month, the board and members of the PWA heard reports on the projects going on at the Uptown Event Center.  Dihonna Crow reported on the cooking school that is held once a month. It is free to the public and is supported by the United Way as well as several other sponsors.  
By the way, the PWA  continues to sell lunch at the Tunes at Noon sponsored by the Harrison County Commission. It is held every Wednesday on the Court House plaza.
The Women of Distinction luncheon will be held in October to observe Italian Culture Month.  We are now accepting nominations for individuals to be honored.  If you have a nomination please send a short bio of your nominee to the PWA office so that the individual may be considered.  In October we will honor Italian American Women in Harrison County. The selections will be made at the next meeting of the Board.
Since I have no garden this year I am at the mercy for all you gardeners to supply me with produce.  I understand that Johnny Guzzi may have some Swiss chard for me.  I eagerly await a nice skillet of chard prepared with hot peppers. I also have not had my first tiaela with a fresh zucchini.  Last week I was advised by the management at the FOP Restaurant they will  be serving fried green tomatoes and fried zucchini.
Keep in touch, enjoy the summer and until next week "Now You Have Heard It Through The Grapevine."

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