Vincent's Views: There's More to High School than What You Learn in Class

By Vincent Pinti on September 18, 2016 from Vincent’s Views via

Many high school graduates will hopefully reminisce about a particular group, activity, or sport that affected their whole outlook on life. Sure, teachers and classmates will always make your high school career unforgettable, but it is the marching band, football team, and Quiz Bowl that make high school extraordinary. These are the people that you will remember for the rest of your life. You learn important skills from these people, skills that cannot be taught in a classroom or by your parents. These are the people that make you laugh through every accomplishment and build from every failure. I am beginning to realize this as I navigate through my high school years.
I personally have noticed that some of these groups are becoming larger and more organized, yet there are also some that are struggling to hold together and gain steam. Certain people desire for these groups to expand and become more accessible for new members. They desire this because they know how these kids will feel and the amazing sensations these teens will experience.
Mr. Jared St. Martin Brown supervises a group that has brought Bridgeport High School great success and is opening up to many new members.
Mr. Jared St. Martin Brown supervises several different groups, and they are WINGS, a recycling organization, Comic Book Club, a club for superhero fans, and the Thespians, an honorary theatre troupe. These groups are all unique, and the latter two, Thespians and Comic Book Club are rapidly expanding. Comic Book Club is a club where you probably should know a couple of comics before coming, or at least be willing to learn some new ones. You also will have the opportunity to participate in events such as the West Virginia State Comics Convention or WVCOMICON. You should make sure to attend all the meetings; they will provide you with important details of fun-filled activities that the group is participating in. They meet on Monday’s during first lunch in Mr. St. Martin Brown’s room 104.
Our theatre group, also known as Thespian Troupe 7549, is another group of kids that are sponsored by Mr. Jared St. Martin Brown. This group’s primary goal is to “spread their love of theatre.” This group devotes a lot of time to the theatre program. So, if you would like to join this organization, you have to be willing to devote a lot of time and energy in the all-school show, the senior show, and the competing one act.
Now, this does not solely have to be acting, instead you could be part of the tech crew, who are also very much responsible for making Bridgeport High School have some of the best shows in the state. This organization is a real eye-opener. Mr. St. Martin Brown had said that one of his favorite activities that the troupe has gotten to participate in, is the West Virginia State Thespian Festival. “This festival makes you realize how many hundreds of kids across this state are learning from this beautiful form of art,” said Brown. Sometimes if the troupe performs exceptionally at the state festival, they are given the opportunity to compete at the national festival in Lincoln, Nebraska. I personally have gotten the chance to perform on the national stage, and it is truly something I will never forget. So, if you would like to become part of this wonderful group then you need to audition for one of the shows, join tech crew for a show, and come to the meetings Friday during first lunch in Mr. St. Martin Brown’s room 104.
Another group who has been very successful, but has recently lost several of its members is the academic teams. These teams are Quiz Bowl, History Bowl, Science Bowl, and an engineering team called TEAMS. These organizations, along with the chess team, are sponsored by Mr. Keith Ross. These groups are for anyone who is interested in trivia of all sorts. These teams are not just for your history buffs, math wizards, and science gurus; they are for people with knowledge or willingness to obtain useable information on any subject. Quiz Bowl is especially for people who are fascinated by artwork, music, operas, current events, and even sports. Many people when they first hear Quiz Bowl, they think these kids are ultra-geniuses and yes some are, but you also have to consider anyone who is willing or devoted to a certain genre. That trade does not have to be an academic field; if you are a reader I assure you there will be able to answer literature questions. If you are a musician, there could be a variety of questions that are music related that range from current popular music to early music.
Mr. Keith Ross had explained Quiz Bowl members with one word from a movie titled, “Stand and Deliver,” and that word is “ganas, the desire to understand knowledge.” He also went on to say, “any great member of Quiz Bowl has to have ganas.” He invites anyone with ganas to come to practice which runs both lunches in the school library on Mondays and Fridays. Quiz bowl is open to all grades, along with History Bowl and TEAMS. History Bowl and TEAMS practice later in the year, while Quiz Bowl is currently in session. Science Bowl practice has also started, but it is geared towards upper classmen who have taken  many science related classes. Though, if you are an underclassman who is exceptional at science then Mr. Ross may give you the opportunity to be part. Science Bowl practice runs Wednesday both lunches in Mr. Keith Ross’ room, room 215.
In my opinion, all these organizations make you a better person; you can become a more creative person and a more knowledgeable person. These will allow you to have an understanding of the importance of teamwork. Exposing yourself to these activities are not only great on your college resume, but also on your lifetime resume. Looking back, why would you not want to remember being a part of a group that made you feel accepted and good about yourself?

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