Just a Few Years Old, Restaurant One Hour from City has Menu with Seafood, Steaks, Pizza and Moree

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on February 08, 2018 via Connect-Bridgeport.com

It's another week for WDTV's "Tasty Tuesday" report and for those living in Bridgeport or visiting, here's a profile on a new one that is roughly 60 miles - or a one hour trip -  from Bridgeport. 
Vintage in Elkins is a casual and fine dining restaurant that caters to budgets both big and small.
Since 2014, the restaurant has been wowing customers with quality food and great service.
"It's a high-class dining experience," said Rosemary Thomas.
The owner developed a love for food and cooking at a young age.
"Being around my mom and her home-cooked meals; I loved coming home to the hot food on the table and just jumped right in, I loved helping her," said Vintage's owner and operator, Scotty Marshall.
Marshall added, "I worked at a few different restaurants as a manager and saw that this is what I love to do."
Customers can enjoy a quick lunch or a more lavish dinner. There are rooms for private parties and space in the back for more intimate meals.
"It's just a really nice, quiet place that you can meet with friends and family," said customer Nicki Hinkle.
Menu items include wood-fired pizzas, seafood appetizers, soups and sandwiches, and quality entrees like salmon and steaks.
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Editor's Note: Photos from Vintage Facebook page.

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