Not Yet One Year Old, New Restaurant Minutes from City with Bridgeport Ties has Decades-Old Roots

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on May 10, 2018 via

For those visiting Bridgeport who have already sampled the city's fare or those who are residents of the city and beyond looking for a trip for a new culinary experience, here's this week's edition of WDTV's Tasty Tuesday. And this one features a restaurant that is just minutes south of the city and just off Interstate 79. The restaurant is owned and managed by the Bastin family, which have deep ties to the Bridgeport community. Check back to Connect-Bridgeport for future editions of the segment.
The Adventure Grill in Mount Clare might seem new but the restaurant has a history. It started out as Bastin's Freezer Fresh, an ice cream hut that opened in the summer of 1961.
"We were young and my husband thought we could do this," said Priscilla Bastin, the restaurant's original owner.
After decades in the family, Bastin's shut its doors. But in August of 2017, the family decided to return it to its former glory and re-opened the old restaurant with a new safari theme and a new name.
"They had it for about 23 years and my uncle, who lives just up the hill, he would drive by and wanted to fix it up and bring back what was here before," said Joshua Bastin, Priscilla's grandson, and the restaurant's manager.
The tiny restaurant serves up fun, creature-themed eats like the Sasquatch steak sandwiches, werewolf cheeseburgers, and crocodile hot dogs with homemade chili. The chili is Priscilla's secret family recipe.
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Editor's Note: Photos from the Adventure Grill Facebook page.

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