Statewide Pepperoni Roll Tour with Multiple Stops in Harrison County Courtesy of WV Living Magazine

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Last month on Connect-Bridgeport, a blog was done on a Bridgeport “Pizza Road Trip” on places where you could get slices of pizza or a whole pie here in the city. The blog was inspired by a 2018 piece done by our friends at WV Living Magazine.
In their fall 2018 edition, they had “The Ultimate Pepperoni Roll Road Trip.” As one might imagine, it featured brands that call Harrison County home.
The following lists the names and locations of the pepperoni rolls in questions, which appear to be the primary item sold. Places that serve quality pepperoni rolls such as Della’s Deli and T&L Hot Dogs and others, which feature other main staples, aren’t included in the article.
Here’s the pepperoni rolls they have listed starting in Weirton and ending Ranson.
WEIRTON: Barney’s Bakery
MORGANTOWN: Chico Bakery and Julia’s Pepperoni Rolls.
FAIRMONT 1: Colasessano’s World Famous Pizza and Pepperoni Buns
FAIRMONT 2: Country Club Bakery, the birthplace of the commercial pepperoni role.
GYPSY: Abruzzino’s Italian Bakery
CLARKSBURG 1: D’Annunzio’s Italian Bakery in North View
CLARKSBURG 2: Home Industry Bakery, which is building a new location in Mount Clare.
CLARKSBURG 3: Roger’s & Mazza’s, which also feature’s Marty’s brand (stick pepperoni)
CLARKSBURG 4: Tomaro’s Bakery in Glen Elk.
PARKERSBURG: JR’s Donut Castle, one of the few in the magazine not pepperoni roll specific.
RANSON: A Step in Time, which features “Mama Jo’s Pepperoni Rolls.”
Editor’s Note: Photos are from the issue from the Fall of 2018. To order the issue, or other back issues or even subscribe, you can call 304-413-0104.

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