Weekend Angler: An Exciting Season Ahead and a Book Signing in Bridgeport

By D. Keith Bartlett on November 16, 2013 from Weekend Angler via Connect-Bridgeport.com

I recently enjoyed some fine fishing for brown trout in a small reservoir close to my home. It’s prespawn time for browns so they’re active, feeding heavily and beautifully colored. From late fall through spring I often fish for brown and rainbow trout and when I do, I sometimes think of days long ago when I was young man learning to fish for trout in West Virginia. During that period in my life, rainbow trout were my primary quarry because they were plentiful and offered good fishing in many types of water from small streams to rivers to stock ponds. Brown trout were a mystery to me then, often a surprise catch while fishing for freshly stocked rainbows in small streams. Though they were an infrequent prize, I admired the beauty of each brown I caught and vowed that one day I would learn enough about them to target them. That time has arrived, yet I often recall my long-ago dreams of learning to catch them more frequently. And now, the sight of any nice trout coming to the net in clear water often reminds me of those past days, old friends and the many scenic places in my home state.
The first half of this year has been an unsettled period for me with much less time spent fishing, or writing about it. The strange weather hampered my time on the water and other problems kept me from working at my desk. However, now the dust has settled, I’m back on track and it’s time to refocus on the things I enjoy. Winter is a good season for fishing and I’m already scheduling more time on the water. Trout, bass, walleyes and others offer good fishing throughout the cold-water period and I’m eager to become reacquainted with many of them. However, my available fishing time is quickly shrinking because of the coming holiday period though it offers opportunities to do other things I enjoy. Christmas Shows and other seasonal events create opportunities to meet other anglers, make new friends, learn new things and promote and sell books. I always enjoy meeting and sharing information with other anglers and am scheduled off the water most weekends between now and late January. No problems there; I’ll fish weekdays when the weather permits it.
Selling books is always a priority at holiday events but my greatest enjoyment comes from meeting and discussing fishing with other anglers. Fishing is a never-ending learning experience so I’m always learning new things from others. Some of the benefits from attentive interaction include finding new lures, new places to fish and ways to catch fish. I have several more book signings scheduled in the Southeast before Christmas including my hometown of Bridgeport. I’ll be at the Bridgeport Library on Johnson Ave. on Saturday, Nov. 23 from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m.. It’s always nice to visit the place where I grew up and learned to fish, see family, old friends, and make new friends. If your schedule permits, stop by and see me. You don’t have to feel obligated to buy a book; I’d enjoy talking with those from home who have time to come by and chat. To complete my coming winter signing schedule, I’ll be at the East Tennessee Fishing Show in Knoxville, TN in mid-January. You can find me there at the R&S Bait Company booth with my good friend and talented lure manufacturer Rodney Williams. It is one of the largest and best fishing shows of the year in the Southeast with many outdoor celebrities, boat and lure manufacturers, and other industry representatives attending so it’s one I look forward to during the coldest days of winter. You can find dates, times and addresses for all my scheduled signing events, including the East Tennessee Fishing Show, by visiting my Blog at The Weekend Angler’s Diary and clicking the “Book Signing Schedule” tab at the top of the page.
I’ve recently published a Kindle version of my book for the digital crowd and found it much easier to finish than I expected. You can find a paperback or Kindle version of my book at Amazon.com including a discounted price when you buy both. Also, during the week of Thanksgiving, a Kindle version will be available at a much reduced price. As days get shorter and opportunities to fish become less, I’ll fill my late-fall and winter schedule working on a new book. I’ve just started writing it so it’s premature to discuss content. However, I’m sure it will contain more about bass, lures, trout, equipment, walleyes, muskies, techniques and other popular fishing topics. I’ll have to fish through a range of seasons to finish collecting information and photographs so another finished book is a dot on the horizon but I am excited about it and will provide updates on my Blog as the content develops. So I have a busy schedule ahead, filled with new experiences and adventure. Fishing is my preference but scouting, talking and writing about fishing follow close behind. So let the weather do as it will because if I’m flexible, I should be able to stay busy and enjoy one of these until warm weather and the longer days of spring arrive. I hope to see some of my fellow mountaineer fans at the Bridgeport Library soon. All the best, good fishing and Happy Holidays! 
Editor's Note: Bartlett, a 1971 graduate of Bridgeport High School, is a published author with the book “The Weekend Angler’s Guide to Good Fishing.” The book is available for purchase at The Country Peddler in Bridgeport. Follow his fishing exploits on his Blog at http://theweekendanglersguidetogoodfishing.wordpress.com/or contact him at theweekendangler1@gmail.com. He is pictured above with a 23.5-inch brown trout.

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