Recent BHS Grad Adelina Hill Wins National Contest; Published Poems Featured in New Book

By Trina Runner on November 25, 2020 via

Many students are experiencing non-traditional ways of attending college due to the pandemic. Adelina Hill, however, chose a very non-traditional pathway for her college education, which includes it focuses on only one curriculum course at a time, does not have professors and does not have grades assigned to work.  
This unique approach has helped her hone her critical thinking skills as well as embrace her writing skills, which recently earned her the honor of publication.
Hill, a 2020 Bridgeport High School graduate, chose St. John’s College in Annapolis, Md., because of its differences. The Liberal Arts major is the only option to the small campus of about 400 students housed near the U.S. Naval Academy.  Although she is attending online during the pandemic, she prepared by immersing herself in cultural and literary aspects of the major as well as learning Greek.
Each course is introduced by tutors, which means guardian in Latin. The tutors guide the students through their learning while also learning with and from the students.  For instance, the students and tutor read a piece of literature and then come together to discuss the various perspectives and insights.
“Unlike many traditional college courses, we are being taught to think and reflect on our work,” said Hill.  “Instead of grades, we sit in on meeting where tutors offer feedback and progress on my work.”
While perusing Instagram in her spare time, she was able to find a way to use some of her writing skills through entering a contest about her experiences in 2020. The contest challenged applicants to share 10-20 poems about the impact of the year and encouraged complete honesty.
“Since the pandemic affected my senior year and my college experience, I used that for inspiration and submitted my poetry,” she said.  “I was notified that I won through an email and I was absolutely thrilled.”
As a winner, her works will be published in an upcoming book, “Tell Me How You Really Feel,” which will share the collective poems of the winning applicants.  She also won a free publishing course and the rights to her poems that are published. The book is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble online.
“Being involved in a non-traditional college has allowed me to become more contemplative and reflective and to make connections with people that will last a lifetime,” she said.  “I hope to continue writing and exploring options that offer new perspectives on life and education.”

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