Starring Dean Cain, JC Films' "Zombie High School" Open Auditions Scheduled for May 11

By Julie Perine on April 27, 2019 via

Area students have wrapped up spring break and are now counting down the days until summer vacation. During those weeks off, about 50 of them will still spend a lot of time at a Bridgeport school – making a movie, one hoped to have major impact on a major problem: Bullying.
To be filmed at Bridgeport Middle School, “Zombie High School” is different from other JC Films projects that Campbell has made in our city. It will be entertaining, but its main objective is to draw attention and help curtail the global issue of bullying.
On the heels of “Megan’s Christmas Miracle,” “A Promise to Astrid” and “A Child of the King" this feature film will be utilized as an effective tool to be shown at schools, churches and other organizations which want to be part of the movement to put a stop to the unfair treatment of others; an act which much too often results in other heartbreaking actions, including suicide.
Superintendent of Harrison County Schools Dr. Mark Manchin said he is behind the project 100 percent. He believes the approach will be effective and is glad to see students of North Central West Virginia step up to be part of a proactive effort to a serious problem. 
An open audition for “Zombie High School” will be held 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, May 11 at Bridgeport Middle School. Roles for about 50 teens (ages 13-20) will be cast.
“There will be cheerleaders and athletes; goths and geeks,” Campbell said. “They all go to a school which has a big problem with bullying.”
There will also be about 20 adults (ages 35-55) cast to portray parents, lunch ladies, security officers and other roles.
Audition sides will be provided on audition day. To be part of the film, individuals must commit to about a week-long shoot in mid-July.
Though the movie deals with a serious issue, it is delivered in a lighthearted manner. In the script, some frogs ordered for biology class escape and thereafter bite students, transforming them into zombies with special powers.
Playing the role of the high school principal is Dean Cain. A veteran actor of both the big and small screens, Cain is a believer in JC Films projects.
“I like the way Jason uses stories to tell positive messages,” he said. “And here’s the important thing: He actually tells stories. He makes films. He gets it done. He tells simple stories on film with a passion to change the culture.”
Cain has big interest in “Zombie High School” and was enthusiastic to be part of a project which could curtail a major social issue; one which sometimes has ongoing effects.
“Anything we can do as parents to get more involved in the anti-bullying efforts in our own children's schools is a good thing,” he said. “School bullying is a big problem for our youth - and has repercussions far beyond our school years.”
Cain said Film is such a powerful medium, having the ability to change perceptions and shine a light on issues that often hide in the shadows.  
“Teens love movies, teens love being in movies and teens love zombies,” he said.  “So, getting 60 or so teens in a high school to make a film about a subject that directly deals with them and their challenges is good stuff!”
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The community is asked to support fundraising efforts, including a murder mystery dinner titled “Death by Chocolate,” to be held Friday, May 3 at Bridgeport Country Club. Read more HERE. There will also be a fundraising reception to be held the week of May 6. If you would like an invitation to attend, please contact Campbell at 304-906-5957.

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