Off the Shelf: As Clock Counts Down to Holidays, See What Library has to Help with All Your Baking Needs

By Sharon Saye on October 13, 2021 via

The temperature has been more summerlike than fall, but we are entering the crucial time for all those who like to entertain at the holidays.  They are now getting their lists ready of what to buy and what recipes to start preparing to stock in their freezers.  For those non-cooks, baking dozens and dozens of cookies and holiday specialties takes a lot of time and prep.  And one holiday is little over six weeks away and the other a little over two months.  That is not a lot of time for baking 
Two new books should offer inspiration to all those who like to get started early,  and may be looking for some new recipes to try.  “Taste of Home Holiday & Celebrations 2021” is packed with delicious recipes and memorable ideas for not only the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, but also for a whole year of celebrations.  Loaded with beautiful photographs, it includes complete menus, impressive desserts, delightful entertaining ideas to make this year’s holidays extra special. 
For instance, in the Thanksgiving section, there is a countdown to keep you moving through the weeks ahead right up to dinner time.  That section includes recipes for Ginger Butternut Squash, Herb-Brined Turkey, and Maple & Cream Apple Pie.  If you are looking for new cookie recipes, it offers Chocolate Peanut Butter Toppers, Crisp Candy Cane Cookies, Red Velvet Cookies, and Frosted Eggnog Cookies.  This is one of those great cookbooks to browse; just have a pack of post-it notes handy. 
“Spectacular Spreads” by Maegan Brown is a slightly different book, but it will make your next entertaining experience something special.  It includes dozens of easy-to-put together food spreads and DIY bars “that will impress guests and feed a hungry crowd for extra memorable mealtimes, special occasions and holidays.” 
It contains over 250 recipes from No-Bake Banana Pudding Cheesecake Bites to Birthday Party Snack Mix.  The color photographs are just scrumptious and the execution of everything from an Omelet Bar to Make Your Own Milkshakes is downright inspiring. 
“Spectacular Spreads” can be used for its individual recipes, but its combinations of ideas for all sorts of entertaining purposes makes this not only a beautiful book, but an eminently practical one as well. 

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