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Please take a moment to check out this week’s City Face, Danielle Hetterman.
How long have you lived in Bridgeport?  
I moved to Bridgeport on New Year’s Day in 2002.
Where are you originally from?  
I was born in Raleigh and raised about 20 minutes away in a small town called Willow Springs.
Are you married?
Yes. September made 2 years married to Roger Hetterman.
I have 2 daughters. Laiken is 11 and Loralye is 4.
What is your favorite color?  
Egads, it's a tie between sea foam green and coral.
Where do you work?  
During the day I work at Sheetz 182 off of Johnson Avenue in Bridgeport. Our store has made many accomplishments including being the #16 store overall, #2 in friendliness, and #3 in speed all of these are out of over 600 stores. In the evening, while hanging out with the kiddos, I run as small business called Almost Heaven Crochet & Craft. I specialize in crochet amigurumi, glitter tumblers, and wood burning.
Favorite Bridgeport spot?  
My grandma’s home. It is my safe spot in the world.
Favorite WV spot outside of Bridgeport?  
Seneca Rocks or Parsons. I actually love the wilderness, exploring and hiking.
Favorite place outside of WV?  
Tennessee, we went to visit my husband’s aunt and uncle and it just reminded me of home.
Favorite restaurant?
Probably Texas Roadhouse. I go for the steak, but always end up eating more rolls than anything.
Best childhood memory?
Camping at Twin Lakes Family Campground in Belington, WV. Just me and my grandma. I loved everything from raking the leaves, exploring the woods, and bugging John to open the pool for me. I would love to buy my own camper there.
Favorite musical group?  
Tie. Five Finger Death Punch or Linkin Park.
My baby Chloe. She is my 21- pound cat who is 15 and a half years old.
Crocheting, reading, camping, drinking coffee, more crocheting.
Interesting fact about you?
I graduated from BHS in 2009.
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