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Please take a moment to check out this week’s City Face, Molly Cooper.
How long have you lived in Bridgeport? 32 years
Where are you originally from? North Canton, OH.   We moved here when I was in third grade from Ohio.  It was a big change from the cornfield I grew up on.  I loved riding my bike down all of the hills!!  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.
Are you married? Yes.  Jim Cooper.  I have the most patient husband who supports me in all I do.  He is definitely my better half and you will always see him with a smile on his face!  He holds our family together and I certainly don't deserve him but am completely blessed to have him by my side.  We have a beautiful blended family....his, hers, and ours!  We are the modern day Brady Bunch!
Children? We have six children altogether. Josh Cooper, Faith Cooper, Hannah McCall, Andie McCall, Lucy Cooper and Eliza Cooper.
What is your favorite color? Blue
Where do you work?  I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapist.  I work for West Virginia Birth to Three where I travel to homes to provide Early Intervention Services for children.  I teach Sensocise for toddlers and young children as well as an adult group fitness class at Main Street Fitness.  I absolutely love my job! 
Favorite Bridgeport spot? Do I have to choose one?  I love Deegan and Hinkle Lake.  I enjoy being outdoors, and my husband and I enjoy relaxing on the boat. We have our own little annual fish off where I win most of the time!  I have also really enjoy Main Street.  My family and I love Light up Night around the holidays and I have recently been spending a lot of time at Winnie's! 
Favorite WV spot outside of Bridgeport? Harper's Ferry.  I love the scenery and history.  I have made a lot of treasured memories with my girls there. 
Favorite place outside of WV? Asheville, NC.  I recently visited there and fell in love with its charm and beautiful scenery.    We also love to visit my stepson in Brooklyn, NY.  We love the experience and visiting with him and his girlfriend.  
Favorite restaurant? Wonder Bar.  It's authentic, delicious, and the scenery is beautiful! 
Best childhood memory? Adventures with my family.  My parents loved taking us on drives and visiting different places.  My dad always insisted on taking the scenic route.  I also enjoyed hiking with my dad.  He would never admit that we were lost but we would eventually make it home!  My mom and I recently took a trip to Paris, and even though I was not a child, this definitely goes down in the books as one of my favorite memories.  I have been very blessed to have such wonderful parents and siblings.
Favorite musical group? Lauren Starkey, hands down!  She is the most amazing and talented human being and uses her talent as a musician and a Music Therapist to bring people together and connect their inner souls.   
Pets? We have four dogs. Lexie, Phoebe, Bella, and Evie.  My house is full of canine décor!!
Hobbies? I love being outdoors and spending time with my family.  I also love Friday Lunches and taking trips with friends!!  I love making memories!!
Interesting fact about you? I am going to be a grandmother!  My oldest daughter will be expecting in November, and we are so excited to welcome such a beautiful blessing into our family!
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