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By Hannah Edwards on July 14, 2019 from City Faces via

Please take a moment to check out this week’s City Face, Debbie Thompson.
How long have you lived in Bridgeport? 21 years. 
Where are you originally from? Stonewood
Are you married?  Yes, to Kim Thompson.
Children? Three - Ben, Les Woods, and Jacob Thompson
What is your favorite color?  Purple
Where do you work?  I am a Massage Therapist.
Favorite Bridgeport spot? The Bridgeport Farmers Market
Favorite WV spot outside of Bridgeport?  Parkersburg
Favorite place outside of WV?  Any place that has a Beach.
Favorite restaurant? The Outback
Best childhood memory?Camping with my family.
Favorite musical group?  Casting Crowns
Pets?No pets at the moment.
Hobbies? Gardening and being outside.
Interesting fact about you? My husband and I are part of a group called Wings of Hope that support the cancer patients at UHC.
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