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By Julie Perine on October 20, 2019 from City Faces via

She is a longtime teacher, loves photography and spending time at the lakes. Meet this week's City Face Tina Bulka.
Who long have you lived in Bridgeport?
I have lived in Bridgeport for approximately 24 years.
Are you married?
I have been married to my husband John for 36 wonderful years.
Tell me a little about yourself; your hobbies, etc.
My favorite past time and passion is photography. I love capturing children and families, time is so fleeting so getting those precious moments are important. I also love photographing nature, animals and old structures. Many of my photos have placed in the annual Strawberry Festival. My photos have also been featured in West Virginia magazines, such as WV Living and Wild WV, as well as on the cover of WV Family Magazine
What do you do for a living?
I have been an educator for 24 years. I have taught at Bridgeport United Methodist Church Preschool and Heritage Christian School, both here in Bridgeport.
What is your favorite spot in town?
My favorite Bridgeport spot is Hinkle and Deegan Lakes. It’s a great place for photography moments and walking. Most time I am the crazy dog lady stopping to pet everyone’s dogs. 
What do you love about our community?
Bridgeport is a great place because it is very convenient to everything, you can be on the interstate in seconds and head out in any direction.
Tell me about one or more of your favorite memories in Bridgeport?
One of my favorite memories in Bridgeport is getting to meet Senator Ted Cruz’s regional director and righthand girl, Cassandra Garcia Meade. I called and left a voice mail at one of their Texas offices. I told Senator Cruz I appreciated all he does for our country and that he has a genuine concern for our nation. I also asked   him if he would consider running for the presidency. A few hours later I got a call from Cassandra Meade on the phone, she said it was nice getting such positive feedback and wondered if I could meet with her on her next visit to WV. We met a few weeks later at a local Bridgeport hotel and hit it off right away. She told me that the senator was going to run for President! I was so excited. She gave me an autographed photo of Senator Cruz and said he listened to the recording I left and really appreciated it. 
My other great memory of Bridgeport is horseback riding at Joy Lane Barn at Christmas all the stalls were decorated with soft lights and wreaths. I was cantering around in the indoor area, it was magical, I remember crying at the same time because it was so beautiful!!
What is your favorite place outside of Bridgeport?
My favorite West Virginia spot outside Bridgeport is Stonewall Resort. There is an abundance of fun for everyone, every age. 
What is your favorite spot outside of West Virginia?
Deep Creek Lake is my favorite spot outside of West Virginia. It’s close and there is lots to do. My favorite restaurant, Unos, is located there. 
What is your favorite food?
My favorite food has to be Italian. I love eggplant parmesan and pizza-baked chicken is good too, lol.
Favorite music?
I love all genres of music, but Christian radio is usually playing in my car along with a little bluegrass and folk, I am always playing the one John Denver CDI have over and over.
What are some of  your best childhood memories?
My best childhood memories come from being from a large Italian family of nine. We all gathered at my mom and dad’s small house in Clarksburg, having amazing feasts on Christmas Eve. It didn’t matter how many squeezed into that house, there was always lots of food and lots of love. That’s what makes for lasting memories!
Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself?
An interesting fact about me is that I am a twin. Fraternal as they come, she is a blonde; I'm a brunette. We also share a special bond.
Editor's Note: Bulka is pictured top/cover (left) with Cassandra Garcia Meade, Senator Ted Cruz Reginald director in Texas. Also featured are some of Bulka's photos. 

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