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By Julie Perine on February 09, 2020 from City Faces via

She's a wife, mother and pet owner, a lover of downtown Bridgeport and Tygart Lake and she is working toward a goal. Meet this week's City Face: Brittney Ward Philliips. 
How long have you lived in Bridgeport? If not a lifelong resident, what brought you here?
I have lived in Bridgeport for five years. My husband grew up in Bridgeport and his job is in Bridgeport and he was ready to move back and raise our daughter here.
Are you married? Tell me about your family. I am married. My husband's name is Robbie and he works for Antero Resources. We have been married for six and a half years. We have a seven-and-a-half-year-old daughter Ansley who is in 2nd grade at Simpson Elementary School and absolutely loves school.
What about pets? We have two sweet cats: Max, who is 8 and Remi, who is nine months old. Our sweet Golden Retriever, Sophie, will be five in April. 
Where do you work and what do you do there?
I'm a stay at home mom and I am part of Mountain Momma Clothing. I have a small clothing boutique in my home.
What are your favorite hobbies and past times?
I love to read, play board games, watch re-runs of "Friends," work out and spend every second of my summer soaking up the sun at the pool, lake or beach. 
What do you like about Bridgeport. Why is this a good place to live? I absolutely love the small town feel of Bridgeport! One of my absolute favorite things (ask any of my family or friends) is driving through Main Street, especially during the holidays. There is just something so inviting about all of the businesses and just the overall look and feel. I think this is a wonderful place to live because there is so much community support. The school system is wonderful. It's safe and quiet.
One or more of your favorite things that has taken place in our city? My husband and I bought our first home in Bridgeport. So, this is really special to us. Light Up Night is another favorite of mine. I love seeing so many people I know that evening, the lights and the fireworks. 
What is your favorite spot outside Bridgeport? Tygart Lake is one of my favorite spots. I love hot weather and being in the lake. And I love spending time with my family on my in-laws' boat. 
How about your favorite spot outside West Virginia? Hands down, my all-time favorite spot is  Anna Maria Island, Fla. My mom and our family have been vacationing there for 10 years. Plus, my husband and I got married there, so it will always hold a special place in my heart and it's absolutely beautiful. Another favorite spot is skiing with my dad and family at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. 
What are some of  your favorite things? Food/restaurant? Favorite color? Music ... genre or artist?
Food - Mexican and Italian. I love pizza and French fries;
Restaurant - Mia Margherita and El Ray;
Color - Pink, turquoise and yellow;
Music genre - country and folk, rock
Artist - Dave Matthews and Chris Stapleton
What is your best childhood memory? Spending every second in the summer at the pool with my friends, heading to swim meets every Tuesday and Thursday night and playing outside with my siblings. 
What is an interesting fact about you; something you might want to add? I would love to compete in a min triathlon with my little brother by the time I'm 35. 

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