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By Julie Perine on June 28, 2020 from City Faces via

Meet today's Bridgeport City Face, Angie (Handschumacher) Bush 
Are you married, have kids? Tell me about your family. I am married to John Bush. We are coming up on our 8 year anniversary this month. We met at a WVU bowl game in Jacksonville, FL. Bobby Bowden’s last game to be exact. We have 2 blue eyed boys. John Camden - 4 years old and Brooks Cole - 7 months old.
What about pets? No pets currently
Where do you work and what do you do there? Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center and I’m a Patient Safety Specialist in the Quality & Risk Management Department
What are your hobbies/favorite past times? I love to workout. It is my stress relief. I like to run, ride my Peloton, go hiking, and taking classes at Main Street Fitness. Oh and of course sleeping!
Favorite Bridgeport spot? Target/Main Street Fitness
What do you like about Bridgeport … why is this a good place to live? It is an amazing, safe community that I do not think you can find anywhere else. It has that small town feel. It has great schools with lots of sports history that the town supports. The sense of community is very special and comforting.
One – or more – of your favorite memories of something that took place in Bridgeport ... Light Up Night - It’s still one of the most magical nights in town for the young and old!
What is your favorite WV spot outside of Bridgeport? Morgantown on home football game days
How about your favorite place outside of WV? Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Hilton Head.
What are some of your favorite things? Being a boy mom, playing golf, college football and basketball, playing games, yoga, the beach, and peace and quiet!
Food/restaurant? Macaroni and Cheese/Wonderbar - their steaks make my mouth water just thinking about them.
Favorite color? Blue/Pink
Music genre/artist? Anything with a good beat but I like most music. Taylor Swift is my favorite artist.
What is your best childhood memory? Going to the Myrtle Beach with my family. And the other thing that comes to my mind is from 1st grade Mrs. Jacobs class. My mom wasn’t able to pick me up from school because she was having surgery and I was scared and crying and Mrs. Jacobs gave me a big bear hug and told me that hugs always made her feel better. Still to this day, a hug always makes me feel better and puts a smile on my face when I’m sad.
Interesting fact about you and/or something you would like to add… An interesting fact is that I was part of the ground breaking for the middle school when I was in the 4th grade. 

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