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By Julie Perine on August 23, 2020 from City Faces via

Meet this week's City Face, Belen Gasataya-Hutson.
Thanks for being this week's City Face, Belen. Tell me about your history in Bridgeport.
I have lived in Bridgeport for 25 years. I moved from Lumberport in June 1995, when I married my husband, Dennis Hutson
Tell me about your family.
I am married and I have a son, Tyler Martin, who is a safety engineer for CDM Smith. He is currently living in Memphis, Tennessee. My husband is Dennis Hutson who is a retired school teacher and high school basketball coach. He is currently and assistant coach for Women’s Basketball at Salem University under Head Coach Cody Gilmore. My parents are Tania and the late Dr. Julian D. Gasataya from Lumberport. I also have 2 sisters, Leica and Michelle.
Do you have pets?
I currently have no pets. Desi, my collie of 12 years, passed away two years ago. However, we are currently considering getting a toy Australian Shepherd. The litter was born last week.
What do you do for a living?
I am a teacher and I currently teach Algebra 1 at Liberty High School
What are your favorite hobbies/pastimes?
My favorite hobbies and pastimes are working out at Gorilla Strength and Fitness, doing paranormal investigations at various Civil War Battlefields, and driving through the mountains of WV and Pennsylvania in our convertible.
What is your favorite spot in Bridgeport?
My favorite Bridgeport spot in Bridgeport is Hinkle Deegan Lake. I go there to unwind by walking and jogging the path beside the lake.
Why is Bridgeport a special place?
I love Bridgeport because it is a progressive city that continues to prosper. Property values continue to increase. It is a community that has a strong community spirit values the success of the school’s systems academics, arts, and athletics.
What's your best Bridgeport memory?
My favorite memory that took place in Bridgeport was the 2007 football season. My son, Tyler, was a starting offensive lineman. The Indians beat Martinsburg in the first round of AAA playoffs. We lost 3 starters in that game due to injury, but still managed to pull off the W. Also, moving here twenty-five years ago and meeting residents that have become lifelong friends as well as teaching at Simpson Elementary School and Bridgeport High School where I encountered many amazing students that I still have contact with to this day.
What is your favorite West Virginia spot outside of Bridgeport?
My favorite WV spot outside of Bridgeport is Harpers Ferry due to its Civil War background and paranormal activity.
What about your favorite place outside of the state?
My favorite place outside of WV is Hilton Head. Dennis and I go there two times a year. We have made several friends on the island and we plan to move there when I retire from teaching.
Tell me about some of your favorite things?
Some of my favorite things are my crucifix that I wear that was once my father’s. He came to the United States wearing it and after he passed in 2016, I have continued to wear it. 
  • Favorite Restaurant is Twin Oaks
  • Favorite food is the Venetian Chicken at Oliverios
  • Favorite color is all shades of pink
  • Favorite music genres are Country and eighties music
  • Favorite artist: the late John Denver
  • Best childhood memory was the day that I got my pony Apache when I was in the fourth grade
What else would you like to add?
An interesting fact about me is that my nationality is fifty percent Filipino and that my great-great grandmother was Chinese. I used to own and show Arabian horses.
Also, a cousin of my paternal grandmother was president of the Philippines, President Quirino. 

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