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By Julie Perine on October 11, 2020 from City Faces via

This week's City Face is Caroline (Conley) Kwiatkowski, a 1982 graduate of Bridgeport High School. 
How long have you lived in Bridgeport? If not a lifelong resident, tell me what brought you here.
I’ve lived in Bridgeport my entire life, with the exception of the years I attended Alderson-Broaddus and about nine months in Clarksburg right after we got married.
Are you married, have kids? Tell me about your family.
I have been married to Stan for 32 years. We have two daughters, Amy who is 28 and Erin who is 24 and married to Cody Brown. I am also blessed to have a step-son Adam and his wife Christa and their daughter Kaylie; step-daughter Kara, her husband Nate and their children Dori and Hayden.
What about pets?
We have a mixed breed large dog that we rescued as a puppy. Her name is Jaci.
Where do you work and what do you do there?
I teach health and physical education at United High School.
What are your hobbies/favorite past times?
I love to go camping with my husband. I also enjoy working with the youth group at my church, Simpson Creek Baptist Church.
Favorite Bridgeport spot? 
Besides home, I would have to say Bridgeport City Park. It’s a beautiful park and I like to walk the trail.
What do you like about Bridgeport … why is this a good place to live?  
Bridgeport has a nice blend of having a small-town feel with some of the conveniences of a larger city. We speak to one another when we pass on the sidewalk, neighbors help neighbors, and people are just overall very friendly. Although we do have some crime, for the most part we feel safe walking in the neighborhood or leaving our car running when we have to run in the store.
One – or more – of your favorite memories of something that took place in Bridgeport ...
Some of the happiest times I can remember took place at the Fireman’s Fairs each summer. There was just so much excitement in the air.…. the rides, the parade, the dunk tank, delicious hot dogs. It was a big deal to us back then. And I was always so proud because my brothers were volunteer firemen.
I also have great memories of raising the girls in our great neighborhood on Dunkin Ave. We had/have wonderful neighbors.  It is the same area I grew up in and a lot of my family lives nearby, so that made it even better. We were outside a lot and as they grew older, our front porch became a gathering place for their friends….I loved hearing their laughter and chatter.
What is your favorite WV spot outside of Bridgeport?
Without a doubt, the Canaan Valley/Blackwater Falls area.
How about your favorite place outside of WV?
Gatlinburg, TN
What are some of your favorite things?
Besides my biological family, I also love my church family, my work family, and the students I teach. I love animals, especially dogs. I love the incredible sunrises and sunsets that God paints for us.
I love steak; therefore, I love The Wonder Bar Steakhouse. I also like Texas Roadhouse and Las Trancas.
Favorite color?
Royal blue
Music genre/artist?
I love contemporary Christian music and have many favorite artists, but my all-time favorite would have to be Stephen Curtis Chapman. I also enjoy 70s music, particularly Chicago.
What is your best childhood memory?
Generally speaking, just playing outside in our yard, but playing spotlight and capture the flag during the summer was definitely a highlight. It usually involved a large number of my friends and my brother’s friends from all over Bridgeport.
Interesting fact about you and/or something you would like to add…
I am the baby of the family and I have four brothers and one sister. I became an aunt when I was in the 5th grade. Our family of eight has grown into a clan of 77! I was blessed to have two wonderful Christian parents, Randolph and Miriam Conley.

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