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By Julie Perine on November 08, 2020 from City Faces via

This week's Bridgeport City Face is Victoria Simon. Meet her here! 
Tell me about your history in Bridgeport.
I have worked in Bridgeport since at the coffee shop since I was 15 years old. I grew up playing with my cousins in my grandma’s back yard on 4th street. 
Tel me about your family …
I am not married. I have two younger brothers and my mom and dad are Patti and Jim Simon. They, along with my grandma, cousins, aunts & uncles, are my best friends. 
Where do you work and what do you do there?
I work at Almost Heaven Desserts. I am the manager at the coffee shop in Bridgeport, but I have been working on this new endeavor to Morgantown recently. 
What are you hobbies?
My favorite hobby is taking photos. It started taking simple photos for the coffee shop Instagram, but as time went by, I fell more in love with the actual photography aspect and got more into it in every way. 
What do you like most about our city?
I love Bridgeport because every time I go to work, I see friendly faces. Even if I’m having a tough day, someone comes and makes me remember how special it is here. Family is everything to me and Bridgeport feels like family. 
What are your best Bridgeport memories?
My favorite memories in Bridgeport are holidays with my family, especially Christmas Eve. It’s my favorite. We always go to the restaurant and hang out during the day while they sell gift cards and then go to my grandma’s house right down the street  for an Italian feast and then I get to go to my dad’s side over the hill for more food and more family fun and then back to Bridgeport for more. It’s just a day filled with everything I love, and I look forward to it every year. 
What is your favorite West Virginia spot outside of Bridgeport?
Oliverio’s on the Wharf 
Favorite place outside of West Virginia?
The cosmopolitan in Vegas (Vegas in general)
Favorite things: Coffee shops in NYC, espresso martinis, Tygart Lake, being on an airplane that’s taking me somewhere fun, truffle fries, my camera, clothes
Favorite restaurant: Maydan in Washington DC 
Favorite color: Sage green
Music genre: Whatever is on the radio - not that into music 
Best childhood memory: Going to play with my cousin Trey after Miss Amy’s preschool at our Aunt Mary’s house or our grandma’s pool.
Interesting facts about you:
I’ve traveled to 13 different countries with my favorite people in the world, was on the Fairmont State Acrobatics & Tumbling team in college, where I met some of my best friends and traveled around the country, have 50,000 pictures on my phone and I lock myself out of my apartment/run out of gas/lock my keys in the car at least once a month lol.
Victoria was recently a guest on Positively West Virginia, a podcast hosted by Jim Matuga of Inner Action Media. Check it out HERE at or HERE on the Positively West Virginia Facebook page. 

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