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By Julie Perine on January 23, 2022 from City Faces via

Today's City Face is Brittany McClung Wilmoth (who became my niece when she married my nephew Mitch!) Meet her and her beautiful family here: 
Tell me about you and your family (and pets!) and how long you've lived in Bridgeport. 
We are the Wilmoths! We are Brittany and Mitch and we have a family of 5: Ellie is 8, Arlo is 5, and Ayen is 1… And we can’t forget our pup Mia. We have lived in Bridgeport for over 10 years now, but we’ve always lived in the beautiful state of West Virginia. 
Tell us how you and your husband met. 
Mitch and I grew up in Clarksburg, but we did not know each other until our high school years. He went to Liberty and I went to Robert C. Byrd. Both of us had grown up in church and often attended Christian concerts. We’ve talked several times about how our paths had to have crossed while growing up. We met in church through our youth group and started dating my senior year. We’ve been married for 11 years and have a beautiful family, and we look forward to whatever the future holds for us together!
Why do you like it here?
We love Bridgeport! There is so much community here. Bridgeport is constantly growing and bringing in new businesses, but still continues to have that small town feel. It’s also a very safe place to raise a family. 
What's your favorite event here in our city?
One of our favorite events in Bridgeport is Light Up Night. It is a family tradition we attend every year!
What about a spot that you frequent?
One place that we frequent a lot is Almost Heaven Desserts. It was my first job as a teenager and it feels like home everytime we go. 
Where do you work and what do you do there?
I am a stay-at-home mom and I homeschool. Mitch works at Lifepointe Church as the Worship Pastor and also has a side business doing woodworking on his Youtube channel Made by Mitch. 
What are some of your favorite pasttimes and hobbies?
We all enjoy traveling, visiting new coffee shops, and being in nature as a family. Mitch loves playing music, hiking, woodworking. Brittany loves baking and cooking from scratch. 
Do you have any goals - personal or professional - either shortterm or longterm?
A fun idea we’ve talked about for our future is maybe one day opening a coffee shop or coffee truck.
Tell us about one of your favorite Bridgeport memories.
One of our favorite memories was this past Light Up Night. There's something so special about being together on Main Street with lights all around, snow falling, and fireworks going off that brings so much warmth and magic to our family of 5. 
What are your favorite area foods/restaurants?
We love anything local! We enjoy Mia Margaritas, Muriales, Stone Tower, Almost Heaven Desserts, and Winnie’s to name a few. 
What tunes are on your playlist?
Some tunes we’ve been listening to lately are, Maverick City Music, Brandon Lake, Bethel Music, Taylor Swift, and just acoustic guitar.
What about favorite movies or TV shows? Are you streaming anything now or have recently that you recommend?
Mitch and I love the show "Alone"and anything Marvel. We also enjoy watching different YouTubers. 
If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
We would both agree to go to New Zealand!
What is one or more of your past favorite vacations?
Mitch and I went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and that was a memorable place for sure. It was beautiful! We also enjoy visiting San Diego California. 
What is an interesting tidbit about you?
Mitch and I both worked as baristas while dating. Mitch worked at Starbucks and Brittany at Almost Heaven Desserts. Now we enjoy making our own coffee creations at home! 

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