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This week's Bridgeport City Face is Caroline Marion of The Thrasher Group. Meet her and her family and learn why she loves our city here: 
Tell me about you and your family (and pets!) and how long you've lived in Bridgeport.
I am Caroline Marion, wife, to Thomas Marion and mother to Amelia Rose, with a new addition to the family due in April. I grew up in Clarksburg, attending Robert C Byrd High School, then after attending WVU for college I met my husband, Tommy. After several years of dating, we bought a house in 2014 in Bridgeport to start our life together as a family.
If you have a significant other, tell us how you met.
We have known of each other since high school and have since had many laughs about probably being at the same event during high school and college. But we didn’t officially meet until we were both summer interns at The Thrasher Group the summer of 2011.
Why do you like it here?
There is so much to say about living in Bridgeport. One of the things that we like most is the small town feel with the growing opportunities for our family and careers right here in Bridgeport.
What's your favorite event here in our city?
I would have to say Light Up Night is my favorite event. We were able to attend this year with Amelia and to see the joy in her face with all the activities and the lights through town during the holiday season was such a great experience.
What about a spot that you frequent?
We like to frequent all our local restaurants on Friday nights or Almost Heaven grabbing a coffee Saturday morning. You could also find us at the City Park with Amelia on nice days.
Where do you work and what do you do there?
I am the Marketing Coordinator for The Thrasher Group. As the marketing coordinator, I am involved in the corporate marketing of the company and community development.
What are some of your favorite pasttimes and hobbies?
You probably shouldn’t admit that shoe shopping is one of your favorite hobbies, right? But truthfully, traveling and experiencing new things through Amelia is a new hobby that I love.
Do you have any goals - personal or professional - either shortterm or longterm?
My focus is trying to raise two little humans to be the best they can be is probably my best goal in life right now. Giving them experience and opportunities to experience things is a big focus.
Tell us about one of your favorite Bridgeport memories.
Favorite Bridgeport memory is a tough one, I would say the first date my husband and I went on - to Provence Market.
What are your favorite area foods/restaurants?
One of my favorite restaurants would probably be Cody’s. But we like lots of restaurants in town. 
What tunes are on your playlist?
I love all types of music, it depends on what I am doing what could be playing – 90’s, Country, Pop.
What about favorite movies or TV shows? Are you streaming anything now or have recently that you recommend?
I am not a big binge TV watcher but do I love a good reality show like the Bachelor or a cooking show like Next Level Chef.
If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I have a big travel bucket list to tackle. I would say at the top of the list is Greece.
What is one or more of your past favorite vacations?
My family vacations as a kid are some of my favorite memories growing up just fun, laid-back trips to the beach. I would say one of my favorite past vacations just happened this fall. It was our first big trip with Amelia to Hood River, Oregon. We went for my brother-In-law's wedding and made a vacation out of it. We had a great time with family and friends and experiencing new things with Amelia made it even more special.

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