Police Chief John Walker Cautions Residents of Phone Scam Claiming to Support Law Enforcement

By Julie Perine on April 04, 2019 via Connect-Bridgeport.com

Bridgeport Police Chief John Walker cautions residents about yet another phone scam; this one claiming to support law enforcement and advocating for safety of officers.
Walker received one of the calls today.
“The caller said he was soliciting money for the safety of our police officers and the wonderful job they do,” Walker said. “He went on to say that if I donated money, he would submit a letter with my name on it as an avid supporter of law enforcement and money would be donated for (police officers’) safety.”
When Walker identified himself as a member of law enforcement and questioned the caller about the validity of the organization he claimed to represent, the caller hung up.
“I had never heard of the organization before,” Walker said. “When I tried to call back, the number had already been cut off.”
Walker urges residents not to give out credit card or other personal information over the phone for incoming calls unless you are absolutely certain about the validity. There are countless scams out there and it seems a new one pops up on a regular basis. Always err on the side of caution and report suspicious calls to the police.

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