Bridgeport High School Senior Alden Smith Selected for Summer Program at Brown University

By Trina Runner on August 02, 2019 via

Long before a product lands on a store shelf, years of research has been done to ensure it reflects market trends, consumer demand, and industrial capabilities.  Forty years ago, there were only three main television stations, music was recorded on cassettes from the radio, students searched encyclopedias or micro-fish for information, and computers took up entire rooms.  
Through technological advances and innovation, we can now do practically anything via our phones, products and services are more convenient, more personalized, and more accessible than ever before.  Beyond the consumer model, industries ranging from food to healthcare to communications and distribution have been advanced with the ever-changing force of the internet.
When Bridgeport High School senior, Alden Smith, was searching for summer programs that would help her prepare for college, she landed on an opportunity of a lifetime with Brown University’s Pre-College Program, “Technology and Its Effect on Business and World Economics.”  Held June 24-July 5 at the Ivy League campus in Providence, Rhode Island, Smith met people from all over the world.  
“The program was so relevant and interesting,” she said.  “We learned to analyze the economic effects of advances in technology and innovation and what contributes to the decision-making process of consumers.”
Smith, who is currently the DECA President of West Virginia, has committed her entire high school career to learning everything she can about business, marketing and entrepreneurship. She plans to continue that passion in college and chose the Brown University program to help her prepare for the transition.
“One of the highlights of the program was working with people who have different points of view,” she said.  “It allowed me to approach issues from a different perspective and learn to enjoy the diversity of working in a group.”
The course not only helped students apply the government policies, technological trends and sales forecasting strategies, it also helped make them college-ready by honing their skills in analyzing research, processing. Information, and thinking critically.
“I have a much better appreciation of the role of technology and how it fits into the overall global model of business now,” said Smith.  “I am also grateful to have experienced campus living at such a prestigious university.  It made me look forward to starting college after this year.”

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