Non-Traditional Student, Michelle DuVall, Featured on WVU's Web Site for Pursuing Her Dream

By Trina Runner on November 18, 2019 via

Balancing work and family is a challenge for most adults, but Bridgeport’s Michelle Duvall took it a step further and decided to throw school into the mix as well. After working in finance for 20 years, she decided to follow her passion and began pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition and Food at West Virginia University. 
Being a non-traditional student, and starting school alongside her son, Grant, has given her a perspective that younger students sometimes miss.  She sees this as an opportunity to make connections with professionals in the field who are dedicated to serving those in need. She hopes to use her compassion and understanding to help the underserved to feel better about themselves as they reach their nutritional goals.
“My daughter, Anna, has been a real inspiration in this journey,” said Duvall. “She has learned to live with Celiac disease, eliminating all gluten from her diet and done so with grace and strength.  I hope, as a future dietician, to help others be as strong, healthy and knowledgeable as she has been in facing their dietary challenges.”
This month, WVU’s Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design recognized Duvall’s dedication and featured her accomplishments on their website.  The interview can be found at her experience as a student, including the challenges of going back to school later in life and balancing a commute, class load, family, and self-care.  
The article also showcases the opportunity she has had to give back to others as part of the Area Health Education Center Scholar’s program.
After Duvall receives her degree next fall, she plans to enter the Dietetic Internship/Combined Masters Program to finish her education before her Registered Dietician Nutritionist exam.  
When she finally realizes her dream of pursuing a career where she can help others live their best lives, she will have also modeled to her own children the importance of persevering through challenges in order to be true to oneself.

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