Frankie's Furry Friends: A Tale of Two Kitties

By Frankie Michelle Dennison on August 06, 2019 from Frankie's Furry Friends via

Submitted by Sara Bostonia of the Humane Society of Harrison County: 
Riku and Sora are so confused! They were originally adopted with their sister, Agatha. Their family 
was truly heartbroken to bring the boys back after their oil/gas jobs only allowed them to have one cat. At 7 years old, Riku and Sora found themselves back at the shelter wondering what they'd done wrong. Their story has touched so many that their adoption fees are sponsored. We would love to see them go to their furever home together. 
Riku (left) has been fostered several times only to be returned because he "hides" or has trouble figuring out his new territory with other cats around. Naturally, being shuffled from home to home has taken its toll on our sweet bobtail boy. Many shelter cats need time to decompress and adapt to their new surroundings. They've learned that the shelter is safe so they can experience real stress at first. They may refuse to eat, hide for long periods of time, or communicate by hissing or batting at other animals. Most of these issues resolve themselves in time. Cats like Riku and Sora just need a chance to feel safe before they show their love. Though they are not a bonded pair, it may help them adapt to have each other in their new home.
Sora (right), on the other hand, hasn't been fostered at all. He is beautifully charming and loves to cuddle. He's a long-haired buff beauty, and well-loved by the HSHC community. He and his brother get along fine here with the other cats where they feel cared for and secure. With a little patience, we believe you'll be well-rewarded if you give these boys a chance at a new life with a loving family.
Riku and Sora are both neutered, up to date on vaccines and wormer, FIV/FL negative, and ready for immediate adoption. Come in, send us a message, or call seven days a week. 2450 Saltwell Rd. Shinnston, 304-592-1600.

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