Green Your Summer: Waste Management Provides Storm Readiness Actions for Residence

By Amanda Cunningham on August 09, 2014 from Green Your Summer via

It’s a service that, once restored, means things are getting back to normal. Much like electricity for your home or fuel in your car, most Harrison County residents may take their regular garbage and recycling collection or debris removal for granted. However, following a severe storm, these services are essential to local recovery.
To prepare prior to any fast-advancing storm this season, all residents and businesses in West Virginia should take immediate actions to secure their garbage cans and other recycling and trash containers in a safe place. Remember to tie down or secure any loose items on your property that can become unsafe in strong winds.
If a severe storm does directly impact your area, there’s one way you can make a difference. Simply remember to put household garbage such as food refuse and diapers – everything you ordinarily throw away – into containers or bags. Then place them at the curb separate from large storm debris like large household debris, trees and limbs. By carefully separating your household garbage, you help your street get picked up more quickly and safely. 
“Following a powerful storm, one of the most essential needs for a community to begin recovery is the reliable return of its most vital services,” said Kerry Riddle, District Manager for Waste Management. “That’s why we spend a lot of time focusing within our company on annual severe weather preparation and recovery planning.”
This year is no different. Local Waste Management staffs review their local storm plans, re-establish contact with local emergency authorities, and inspect and re-stock severe weather preparedness equipment and supplies. All this and more is to ensure that employees are able to return to performing their very essential collection jobs in the community as soon as practical following a storm.

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