Healthy Faces: Meet Jessica Elkins

By Julie Perine on June 19, 2021 from Healthy Faces via

Meet this week's Healthy Face Jessica Elkins and learn what motivates her health journey below. Healthy Faces is presented by Healthy Bridgeport which will host the Bridge to Health 5K Thurs., June 24 at The Bridge/Bridgeport Recreation Complex. Register HERE. Following the race, winners will be announced for the Biggest Loser and 10 Percent Takedown weight loss challenges. Thousands of dollars in cash prizes will be awarded.
Thanks for being this week's Healthy Face. Tell us a little about yourself, your family, what you do here in our community, etc.
My name is Jessica Elkins. I have been married to my husband Adam for 10.5 years and we have two rambunctious children Aiden (6) and Abigail (4). We have lived in 8 states throughout the past 10 years traveling with my husband's job. When we moved to Bridgeport a little over two years ago, we fell in love with the community and decided to make it home. I have been a stay-at-home mom most of our time here. I am an admin on the Harrison County Mom Squad Group  on Facebook and recently started working a few hours at Sudsberry at Meadowbrook Mall.
What is your favorite self-help book?
My favorite motivational book is the Bible. I’m not so much of a reader but I enjoy listening to it with my husband.   
What's your favorite healthy meal?
My favorite healthy meal is egg whites and cheese on a low carb wrap. When I’m on the go I love to stop at Bridge Nutrition and grab a tea and shake. 
What is your go-to workout?
My favorite workouts are power hour with Shari and kickboxing and cardio HIIT with Robin at WV Fitness 24. When I’m not taking classes, I love to go running. I also enjoy lifting weights with my husband in our garage. 
How do you fit health and wellness into your busy days?
I fit health and wellness into my lifestyle by making it a priority. I try to have a no excuses mentality. There are some days I don’t feel like exercising or eating healthy but those are the days that count. Those are the days I feel so much better after I did it. Sometimes being home with 2 children means waking up early or putting them in childcare at the gym. Last summer we had a group of moms that met at the park and we would take turns watching each other's kids so that we could get a run in. 
What is your favorite motivational quote?
My favorite motivational quotes are “No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everybody on the couch." And also “Motivation may get you started, but it takes discipline to keep going.”

Tell us how your health journey started...
My health journey started after I had my second child about 4 years ago. I had worked out prior but struggled to lose the baby weight and  remained consistent in going to the gym. I finally just accepted that was where I was supposed to be. I had been working out 4-5 days a week and at a steady weight. It wasn’t until my husband and I joined the biggest loser challenge that I realized it was my diet holding me back the entire time. As soon as I started to change my eating habits the weight started to fall off. I am still a work in progress and learning about nutrition daily. I am blessed to have my husband by my side to encourage me through this journey and also an amazing group of friends who have been there every step of the way. 
What are some small, but significant habits people can incorporate into their lives?
Some tiny habits that I would recommend would be to drink lots of water. Download an app and track your food intake. I would definitely recommend finding an accountability partner as well. 


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