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By Julie Perine on October 02, 2021 from Healthy Faces via

Meet this week’s Healthy Face, Lexi (Pinti) Hill. The Healthy Faces blog is sponsored by Healthy Harrison Health Games - the Encore:
I’m Lexi Hill and I live in Bridgeport with my husband, Jeff, and our newest 5-week-old addition, Lauren. We also have a golden retriever that is just as much a 2nd baby to us. I’m a pediatric occupational therapist for West Virginia Birth the Three and love working with little ones and their families in our community.

What is your favorite self-help book? The book, “When Less Is More,” by Emily Ley is my favorite because it challenges you to live a more intentional and meaningful life in a busy world with full schedules, over commitments, and endless distractions. A few of her mantras are “Less noise, more calm,” “Less rush, more rhythm,” “Less distraction, more connection” and “Less stuff, more treasures.”

What is your favorite healthy meal? My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. A healthy breakfast sets the tone and gives me energy to conquer the rest of the day. A few of my favorites are zucchini bread baked oatmeal, smoothies, and egg + avocado on an English muffin.

What’s your favorite workout? I love to run and take group fitness classes. My favorite classes are Les Mills Body Pump and Rumble. Body Pump kept me feeling healthy and strong throughout my 9 months of pregnancy. I’m anxious to get back to those workouts soon!

How do you work health and fitness into your busy life? I make staying active a part of my everyday routine. I may not get an intense sweat session in every day, but I at least get outside for a morning mile walk. My pup is my greatest accountability partner! I also always have a water bottle on me and try to make food choices that will fuel my body and leave me feeling energized and good throughout the day. Keeping healthy snacks on hand or prepped in my fridge makes it much easier too.

What is your favorite quote? “Small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”

How did your health journey start? My health journey started growing up and being involved in sports. When I reached high school, I started focusing on nutrition and working out to better myself in tumbling and cheerleading. Though the sports ended after high school, the healthy lifestyle I established continued on through college where I began teaching Barre and Body Pump group fitness classes. From that point on, I’ve enjoyed a class format for workouts which I still continue to do at Main Street Fitness.

What are small healthy steps to incorporate into one’s lifestyle? Go for a walk outside every day, not only does it get you moving but the fresh air does wonders for your energy and mood. Hydrate! — Keep a water bottle on you to sip on throughout the day. Find an accountability partner or accountability pup to join you on your journey.

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