Healthy Kids First: How Others Make it Happen

By Mandy Curry on February 21, 2015 from Healthy Kids First via

We talk a lot about healthy eating, but sometimes hearing how others pull it off inspires even more change. 
I am so excited to share a video featuring four moms with ties to Bridgeport High School who are extremely passionate about raising healthy eaters.  
The collective group has 9 kids under the age of 9.  Our three guests were:
Carrie Cather Fickis a 1994 graduate of Bridgeport High School and currently lives in Morgantown.  Her husband is the owner of Fick Eyecare Inc. on Emily Drive in Clarksburg.  Carrie is one of my best resources for all things healthy and an incredible wealth of knowledge.
Shanna Sturm Boggsis a 1993 graduate of Bridgeport High School and currently lives in Hilton Head, SC.  Shanna has an amazing Facebook Page called Healthy Kids Healthy Moms where she features her recipes, tips and advice for raising healthy kids. 
Karin Gouldis the wife of Scott Gould, a 1994 BHS grad.  Scott and Karin live in Charlotte, NC.  Karin is a Registered Dietitian.  She and Scott were on the WVU track team in college and have a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and fitness.
In this video, we talk about:
·         How they handled picky eaters as their kids were growing up.
·         Their favorite go-to snacks….and you’ll see which Mom has been able to eliminate snacks all together (holy cow…this one still has me in shock).
·         Is healthy eating more expensive?  We talk about how much they spend at the Grocery Store each week and some ways that they cut costs. 
·         Some of their favorite dinners and the wildest foods their kids have ever eaten.
·         Their tips for other Moms that want to make the transition to a healthy eating lifestyle.
….and we add a few twists like how to open a Pomegranate and what animal organ Carrie planted inside of a BHS locker in the 90’s.  
It’s a really fun video and Part I in a series that we will be featuring throughout the year.  Let us know what you think.  

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