Time Travel: A 1968 WVU Cheerleader from City and Looking Back to Clarksburg's Old Trolley Station

By Dick Duez on July 14, 2019 from History Blog via Connect-Bridgeport.com

Does anyone remember this young lady? This is a photo from 1968 of Dot Stuart cheerleading for West Virginia University. Dot was also a cheerleader prior to that for Bridgeport High School.
Although the exact date of this photo is unknown, it's likely a very old photo of what became the Greyhound Station and eventually where Centra Bus service exited for routes. Here it is serving as Clarksburg's trolley station. You can see a wagon the left and the business canopy on the left appears to read "The R&J Restaurant." The business canopy on the far right is a barber shop, while the middle business cannot be identified. The building was demolished several years ago to make way for a new facility that included a parking lot and building to house Centra's operations.
Editor's Note: This ongoing photo feature of pictures from Bridgeport and throughout the Mountain State is part of local historian Richard "Dick" Duez's collection. Duez, the unofficial historian of Bridgeport, would appreciate any scanned photos emailed to him for use here or to include in his ongoing efforts to preserve local history. You can email photos, or let him know how to acquire copies of photos you may have in your possession, to Duez at dick.do@frontier.com.

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