Time Travel: Bridgeport High's 1959 Mystery Teacher and Former Shinnston State Police Headquarters

By Dick Duez on May 21, 2023 from History Blog via

Do you know who this mystery teacher is? It is from Bridgeport High School and the date of the photograph is September, 1959. The only other possible clue is that she is believed to have been a former French teacher. If you know who this is, add a comment in the section below or any memories you may have - even if they are not in line with the information provided here.
This, as is state on the photograph, is the old West Virginia State Police building in Shinnston. As it states, it was host to Company A at the time this photo was taken in 1950. It has since been demolished. The site was near Lincoln High School and many an individual may remember it for taking a driver's test there many years ago.
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