Time Travel: City Hall Parking Lot (with Meters) in '66 and Some Point Pleasant Youngsters from the 1950s

By Dick Duez on March 12, 2023 from History Blog via

This photo, courtesy of Bill McCartney, is from 1966 and, for anyone who has been in that area in recent years, they can see plenty of changes and some familiar sites as well. One of the slightly hidden features are the parking meters in place at the city parking lot. On the left is believed to Alkire's 5&10. The bridge has since been replaced and named the Lloyd Lang Memorial Bridge. Anyone recall any other businesses across the way? If so, add in the comment section below. 
The haircuts, the vehicles, and even the clothing probably give away the time frame - the mid 1950s. This photo show some youngsters having a good time during the day in downtown Point Pleasant.
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