It's Happening: An Inside Look at Working at The Bridge Sports Complex

By Julie Perine on April 18, 2023 from It’s Happening via

Eleven years ago this past Saturday was Little League Opening Day and the grand opening of Bridgeport Recreation Complex, now known as The Bridge Sports Complex.
At that time, the facility was an outdoor one only, but the state-of-the-art fourplex – with centralized concession facility, all-purpose fields and walk trail - was something our city was very proud of. 
There was quite a celebration that day, the same day that Connect-Bridgeport was launched and would for years cover the action at the evolving sports and recreation venue.
Now, of course, the complex also features Citynet Center, which houses indoor turf, basketball courts, two indoor pools, climbing walls, workout equipment, indoor walking track and much more. The city, area and state continue to be proud of the complex which will soon also feature an expansive, colorful inclusive playground – a place for children of all abilities to gather.
Being an employee of The Bridge – working behind the scenes to keep the facility running smoothly – is an integral element to its success. Marketing Manager Madolyn Kloster said there are positions available. To shed some light on what those employees specifically do, I talked with Business Development Manager Alyson Piot. 
Let’s start with the Clip n’ Climb facility – one of only 350 across the world and the only one in West Virginia. Those who work with the attraction are responsible for making sure customers are safe in harnesses and that they know how to climb the walls appropriately.
“People walk in for the first time; their eyes get so big seeing all the bright colors,” Alyson said. “I want people working here who are energetic and uplifting and making it our visitors’ best experience for these people who may only come to The Bridge one time a year.”
Weekend Clip n' Climb workers are needed. Hours vary, depending upon how busy the facility is expected to be based on the number of tournaments and birthday parties scheduled. Working birthday parties is another duty of some employees of The Bridge. That includes party set-up and decoration, serving food, cleaning up and helping to provide a happy, welcoming atmosphere.
The Citynet café is a busy place and employees are also needed there. The café has recently implemented a mobile ordering system. Customers can access a QR code which takes them to a menu with prices.
“They place their order, pay for it and they receive a message indicating when the order will be ready for pickup,” Alyson said. “It keeps the line moving during tournaments when the café is swamped. Our employees need to work as a team."
During sports tournaments, The Bridge also needs workers to take tickets and serve as scorekeepers/timekeepers.
Citynet Center has become a popular destination for school field trips and that is another area where The Bridge needs help. Alyson said classes and school patrol groups come from all over the area – including Philippi, Salem, Shinnston and Nutter Fort. Students get to visit the Clip n’ Climb and/or swim in the indoor pool and play sports on the turf and courts. March through May is obviously the busiest time of year for the school groups. 
The fitness center and front desk are other places where The Bridge needs loyal, positive representatives. There are also lifeguard openings. All employees work together to keep the place clean and welcoming, Alyson said.
“We have a lot to offer here at The Bridge,” she said. “There is something for everyone.”
Interested? Call 304-842-8270 and ask for Madolyn or visit The Bridge Website HERE to request more information.  

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