It's Happening: What is the Answer?

By Julie Perine on July 13, 2020 from It’s Happening via

I think everyone is trying.
The COVID-19 pandemic presented brand new concerns and threats, but it did not come with a roadmap.
I think our medical and scientific experts are working tirelessly to improve testing, develop treatment and vaccines and recommend precautions.
Those treatments and precautions have changed as time has gone along.
They are trying.
I think though our leaders are taking a beating because of their advice and mandates, they are being advised by the experts.
They are not perfect, but they are trying.
I think people who are diligently wearing a mask are adamant about trying to prevent or slow the spread of this virus. Those who have loved ones who are vulnerable to sickness so appreciate these selfless efforts. 
I think most people in the world do not look at people differently because of the color of their skin Those who do were taught to think that way, but violence and name calling won’t change their minds.
Most all members of law enforcement entered their work field to serve communities and their people. I think they were blindsided by the recent police protests.
They are trying.
I think there’s a lot better use for money these days than to remove statues and rename buildings – material things that should not affect our feelings and daily lives.
But those behind these efforts are, in their own way, trying to make things better.
I don’t think division, arguments or self-righteousness are answers to any of this.
It’s not important to be right, but rather to help make things right.
I think perhaps the best course of action to take in this broken world is to show love, true love for those who might not feel or think the way we do.
Reach out to someone in love who is on the “other side.”
They aren’t hard to find; just look on social media.
Try to put yourself in his or her shoes. Send a note.Tell them  you are thinking about them. Sympathize with them. Make it known that as a  citizen of this community and nation, you are trying and you believe they are, too.
Listen to your heart. Listen to the views of others. If you’re a God-believing, God-fearing individual, listen mostly to him and his word.
It’s not about me.
It’s not about you.
I think it’s about “us,” as a unit.
I think if we dig deep and think outside the box, we will be inspired to try even harder. 

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