Let's Get Fresh: Riffle Farms, Where the Buffalo Roam

By Bob Workman on October 06, 2019 from Let’s Get Fresh via

Happy October! We have two weeks left of our outdoor market and then we are back inside for our winter market series. This week, I invited Liz from Riffle Farms to tell us a little about their farm. Read on and be sure to stop by Sunday to meet Liz!
Riffle Farms is where the buffalo roam! The Riffle’s are the proud purveyors of some of the highest quality, grass-fed and finished bison, or buffalo, you can get in the region. Their farm is set high up in the Preston County hills with wild and wonderful panoramic views, cool breezes, and lush forages. The beasts are only semi-domesticated, and with much of their wild nature intact, the Riffle’s carefully mimic their grazing needs and respect their desire for minimal handling.
Bison meat has been hailed as one of Mother Nature’s superfoods! It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and iron, it has less fat than skinless chicken, and has more protein than salmon. The Riffle’s can be found selling their meat at the Bridgeport Farmer’s Market throughout the year. They have plans to add a storefront to The Farm in 2020, along with a commercial kitchen and meat processing facility as they have just been given the go ahead by the State to start field harvesting their animals. The Farm will also open up as a venue space in 2020 – all brides welcome!
Be on the look out for more events to be hosted at Riffle Farms in 2020: tours, hayrides, dinners, and The Preston County Farm Crawl. If given the opportunity, we highly recommend you stay until sunset to see the majesty of pink hills frame North America’s largest land mammals!

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