Let's Get Fresh: Today's Holiday Market, the Final Market of 2019

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on December 08, 2019 from Let’s Get Fresh via Connect-Bridgeport.com

Can you believe it? This Sunday is the final market of 2019! It has been another whirlwind year and what better way to cap it off than with one of our biggest markets. You’ve heard of Black Friday. And Small Business Saturday. And Cyber Monday. Now, we have Farmers Market Sunday – it should totally be a thing!
The market is the best place to shop for your holiday gifts. There are so many reasons to keep your gift shopping local:
  • Your money stays LOCAL! Amazon Prime has nothing on buying straight from the farmer or artisan.
  • You are getting a unique, one of a kind gift!
  • You can actually talk to the person who grew, harvested, or crafted the gift. You certainly can’t say that about gifts from a big box store.
  • You are part of a community – the market really has become a community. And you can continue to cultivate those relationships – with the farmers, artisans, musicians, and new friends.
Now, let’s take a look at some of the things you might find on Sunday.
I would love to show you more, but you’ll just have to don your best ugly Christmas sweater and get on out to the Bridgeport Conference Center on Sunday from 11-2! Come see old friends, make new, and get some holiday shopping done! Until next year, stay fresh!

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