Level Up: Review of "Chivalry: Medieval Warfare"

By Samual Cale on September 14, 2017 from Level Up via Connect-Bridgeport.com

Like every game, Chivalry has its faults. To newer players, the controls feel very clunky and slow to respond. However, turning up controller sensitivity can help with this. As was mentioned earlier, the places on the character model that actually count as a hit are very particular. I have seen a weapon pass right through a character, dealing no damage, shortly followed by a seemingly impossible swing landing a fatal blow. There are some players that know how to exploit the game's wonky mechanics, and they tend to place high in the leaderboards because of their tricks. For example, if one crouches and looks down one will be almost guaranteed to avoid any assault aimed at where he stood the moment before. I have personally witnessed a number of players that have set their controller sensitivity very high that will spin as they attack, and they are almost impossible to land a blow on as they defeat the opponent with seemingly little effort. These few do not represent the whole; however they are a bit annoying at times. Another issue I have experienced has been one of not being able to consistently be on the same team as my friends in a public session. This is to keep teams having about the same number of players, which is good, yet it is a bit irritating to have to face down a friend rather than stand beside them.
The graphics of Chivalry are pretty basic. By some standards, they could even be considered crude, but I have not really witnessed this having any profound impact on my enjoyment of the game. The identity of all objects is clearly discernable, yet most items lack enough detail to be very lifelike.
For a relatively older game, I find Chivalry to be quite enjoyable, and rate it as 7.5 out of 10. With friends it can be a good time, yet it lacks any kind of single player mode. It has a complex and well-structured gameplay system that has yet to reveal all of its secrets to me. However, it has many glitches that often leave me wondering “how did THAT just happen?” The graphics, while not too fancy, get the job done. Despite its flaws, which are for the most part rather minor, I find Chivalry to be an entertaining and sometimes goofy way to spend an evening or three.

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