Area Man Facing Multiple Charges, including Felonies, as Result of Alleged Weekend Hit and Run Incident

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on January 18, 2022 via

According to WDTV, a man was arrested in Randolph County on multiple charges after he allegedly hit another car on Corridor H, officers said.
Officers received a call Saturday evening about a hit-and-run in progress on Corridor H going into Crystal Springs, according to a release posted on Facebook by the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office.
The report says the caller told officers that his vehicle was struck from behind by a white vehicle, and the vehicle did not stop, continuing to pass other vehicles at a high rate of speed as a passenger side tire was becoming flat.
Officers said the caller gave 911 the license plate number, and it came back registered to Dalton Jack.
Law enforcement kept the caller on the phone while officers were in route to the location, according to the report.
Officers said the caller followed Jack to Elkins Manor where officers were able to catch up with him.
Jack drove to the back parking lot of Elkins Manor where the caller had blocked him in before Jack drove off the parking lot into the grassland to escape, the report says.
Officers said they were able to stop Jack, removing him from the vehicle and detaining him.
Jack allegedly had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, and officers found a half-full bottle of Budweiser that was “cold to the touch behind the driver’s seat” and an unopened bottle on the passenger side.
Officers said Jack told them he was on the phone when he struck the caller’s vehicle on Corridor H and that he knew he “could not get into any more legal trouble due to his recent previous DUI arrest,” which is why he ran.
Jack took a preliminary breath test, having a BAC of .205, and he was placed under arrest, according to officers. The intoximeter was later administered, and the results were a .179 BAC.
Jack has been charged with aggravated DUI first offence, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and no proof of insurance.
Click HERE for updates, as well as a link to the release from the Randolph County Sheriff's Department.

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