Boxing it Up to Give Thanks and COVID-19; How You Can Help Make this Year's Program a Success

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on September 28, 2020 via

In North Central WV, Boxing It Up to Give Thanks has become an initiative with considerable meaning behind its name. Since 2017, Boxing It Up has delivered over 12,000 individuals complete Thanksgiving meals. Uniting leaders, the program has distributed 41,000 pounds of food to feed families across 34 food pantries in Harrison, Doddridge, Lewis, Marion, Monongalia, Upshur, and Taylor counties. What transpires from a vision and a united community is an opportunity for families to celebrate Thanksgiving and do what they do best around the holiday season: make memories! 
Boxing It Up launched the 2020 campaign nearly one month ago. Venturing into the fourth year amidst COVID-19, virtual connectivity and social media would become the focus to sustaining the mission. Fundraising during the pandemic left campaign leaders reflecting on the motto guiding this program since our foundation, “Reach. Grow. Make a Difference.” These inspiring words will continue to spearhead this endeavor through unprecedented times.
For Boxing It Up, the 2020 challenges will be rising food prices, growing needs of food pantries, developing ingenuitive ways to mentor service leaders, and connecting with high school and collegiate service organizations. COVID-19 cannot overshadow the purpose behind Boxing It Up, but promote what was already unfolding: a community of compassionate givers leading a food insecurity movement. To date, forty-two percent of the $25,000 fundraising goal has been met. Social media connections are expanding and progressing the message of service. Prayerfully, they will enable the needs of the community to be met. Those needs are also of pantry workers who would benefit from a day of rest and a major food distribution undertaking managed in a COVID-19 safe manner.
Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Through COVID-19, many lost incomes and yet others were able to save through limited travel and entertainment venues. Some businesses that were stricken by hardships will have to conserve, and others are able to support in the journey of student service. The goal is to extend the opportunity to many with a message that “every little bit helps!” Fundraising has become an earlier priority to ensure financial means are available to fill promised boxes and commit to food quantities that assure availability. It is a mechanics that comes together with faith and perseverance.
Boxing It Up has crossed 7 counties, lending the opportunity for many to connect to this journey. Community pillar Mrs. Lang of About You Monograms has generously extended an outlet for Boxing It Up to continue community fundraising. Visit the local store on Main Street to receive 20% of all purchases from October 1 through October 31 where proceeds will benefit the program. Mrs. Meredith England Hart will be booking fall mini photography sessions. Meredith’s genuine personality and creative talent will provide you with photos that will capture your loved ones beautifully! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Boxing It Up as well. If you are interested in booking a session, please contact
If financially able to support the mission, please visit to become a donor. (To use the secure site to submit a donation, change the tip under GoFundMe from 10% to “other” and select $1.) Boxing It Up welcomes you to follow the campaign on its Facebook page where photos and updates are continuously posted. Sharing the message with those that relate to the vision and purpose of Boxing It Up is more impactful than many may know!

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