City of Bridgeport Submits Levy Election Information: A Detailed Look at the Bridgeport Public Library

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Editor's Note: The following is one in a series of stories/opinion pieces on the upcoming levy election in Bridgeport. The stories are written and submitted by the City of Bridgeport
Library Levy Information
On February 16, 2019, Bridgeport residents will have the opportunity to VOTE YES to continue their support of the City of Bridgeport Levy-Funded Projects. Over the next two months, we will publish six articles that will breakdown the levy to discuss how the monies are distributed. We hope citizens will continue to show their approval of the levy and the projects it supports and has supported in the past.
The Levy dates back 30+ years in Bridgeport and has provided, on average, an additional $1.5 million to our General Fund Budget each year. The monies will allow Bridgeport to continue services at the current and necessary level as years past. The proposed uses of Levy
Funds are as follows:
A. To provide funds to maintain, operate, and improved the Bridgeport Parks & Recreation Department, $161,281 per year;
B. To provide funds to resurface existing city streets, $483,843 per year;
C. To provide funds to maintain and operate the Bridgeport Public Library, $241,922 per year;
D. To provide funds to construct, maintain, and repair sidewalks, $80,640 per year;
E. To provide funds for Public Safety – Police, Fire, and Emergency Services, $483,843 per year;
F. To provide funds for Storm Water Management, $161,281 per year.
The third article will feature the Bridgeport Public Library. The Levy will provide 15% of the funds toward Library operations for each of the next five years, for a total of $241,922 per year. 
The Bridgeport Public Library was founded in 1956 and was located at the Benedum Civic Center. In 1994, the library moved to its current location on Johnson Avenue and has since become one of the best libraries in the state receiving national rankings as one of the best libraries in the United States from two different sources. It has nearly 100,000 books and materials on the shelves as well as 60,000 eBooks and eAudios available online at the WVDELI, a newly renovated theater room, and 12 computers for public use. Libraries have gradually over the years taken on other functions well beyond lending out books, and the Bridgeport Library is no exception. There are 45 digital databases that are 100% free to the public and include everything from eBooks to digital magazines to learning foreign languages. There is something for everyone at the Bridgeport Public Library.
There are many reasons why libraries are vital to communities, but here are a few:
They offer free educational resources to everyone.
They preserve history.
They help connect communities.
Libraries are community hubs. In addition to connecting people to information, the library connects people to people. The Bridgeport Public Library provides community outreach programs throughout the year. These programs serve every age level and provide the resources needed to live, learn, work and have fun!
Thank you for your continued investment in Bridgeport, and for helping us to make it a great place to live, work, visit, and do business. Please consider voting YES on February 16th, 2019. 
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