Commencement Ceremony for Bridgeport High School Class of 2023 Signals Start of New Chapter

By Chris Johnson on May 27, 2023 via

Most people would likely agree that the best books are the ones we don’t know the ending while we are reading them.
In that regard, Bridgeport High School Principal Matt DeMotto told each member of the Class of 2023 during Saturday’s commencement ceremony at Wayne Jamison Field that they are comparable to a good book that is still constructing chapters.
“The choices you make for the most part tell the story of you,” DeMotto said during the closing remarks of the ceremony. “Books have titles and so do you. Books have a beginning and so do you. Books have an end and so do we.
“They tell the story of a journey broken down into chapters. And you too are on a journey. Some of those chapters will be worth reading repeatedly and some you will wish never occurred. All are necessary to tell the story, all lead to the next chapter and all represent the entire book of you,
“Don’t get lost in isolated moments in your life. The only path is to turn the page. A new chapter will begin. All endings have one thing in common, the opportunity for new beginnings and lessons learned.”
A total of 185 BHS students entered the tunnel at Wayne Jamison Field, received a diploma, threw their caps in the air when prompted and exited through the same tunnel as graduates.
All of the senior representatives who addressed the crowd delivered moving speeches that reflected on the past, looked to the future, and thanked all of those who lent a hand along the way.
Senior Class President Andie McCall challenged her classmates to enjoy the present while always keeping an eye on moving forward.
“I encourage all of you to enjoy your youth, living in the moment, loving freely and passionately, laughing until you can’t breath,” McCall said. “I also hope that you continue dreaming. I hope that you all find something you love that encourages you to chase your desires, a passion that burns inside of you, inspiring you to challenge the impossible.”
Miss BHS, Morgan Sprouse, pointed out the many achievements the senior class had in a variety of areas from athletics to the arts to academics to community service projects and learning a lot about themselves along the way.
“None of us could have succeeded at any of these accomplishments alone,” Sprouse said, “We have been supported by our teachers, our administration, our mentors, our directors, our coaches, our parents.
“Perhaps the most important outcome of all of these opportunities is how much we learned about ourselves, who we are and who we desire to become not just in our occupation but in our character and our morals.”
Mr. BHS, Ryan Hall, had a similar message and a piece of advice for his classmates.
“We’ve come a long way since those nervous first days as freshmen navigating the hallways wondering if we would ever find our classes,” Hall said. “As we leave those same halls, let us carry with us the lessons we’ve learned, the friendships we have forged and the determination that fueled our educational pursuits thus far.
“Remember, success is not measured by the absence of failure, but the ability to rise each time we do so. Take risks, embrace challenges and never be afraid to learn from mistakes.”
Thirty-four BHS students graduated with a cum laude distinction (cumulative grade point average between 3.5 and 3.7). Another 35 students graduated with a magna cum laude distinction (cumulative grade point average between 3.75 and 3.94) and 40 students graduated with a summa cum laude distinction (cumulative grade point average of 3.95 or higher).
Additionally, 122 students earned at least one scholarship. The majority of those 122 were awarded multiple scholarships.
Also, during Saturday’s ceremony, Student Body President Josie Love led the Pledge of Allegiance.
The saxophone trio of Jensen Clayton, Jacob Holbert and Brady Hosaflook performed the National Anthem.
Reese Weaver performed “My Future” by Billie Eilish.
Holbert switched out his sax for the piano to accompany Ellie Hart and Dylan Hinzman’s rendition of “Vienna” by Billy Joel.
Senior Class Vice-President Brynna Greathouse delivered the farewell speech.
Editor's Note: Top photo by Joe LaRocca shows members of the BHS Class of 2023 throwing their caps in the air. Second photo is of DeMotto handing Charlie Brazier his diploma. Third photo is of McCall, fourth photo is of Sprouse and bottom photo is of Hall.

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