JC Films' "Dispatched" to be Made in Bridgeport in Cooperation with City PD; Actor Dean Cain to Play Chief of Police

By Julie Perine on August 10, 2019 via

Following the 2019 filming of “Child of the King” and “The Zombie Club,” JC Films’ next Bridgeport-based movie is “Dispatched.”
“The film is based on a book – the true story of Carl Thomas, a longtime police officer who struggled with anger issues,” said JC Films President/Producer Jason Campbell.
“Finally – when he’s faced with losing his job – the Lord heals him. He becomes a cop for the community, witnessing to a lot of people, including a prison ministry, and he starts a church in the process. This is his story of this significant transformation in his life and sharing his love for Christ.”
Scheduled to begin in late-September, the film will be made in cooperation with the Bridgeport Police Department, utilizing the police station, uniforms, cruisers – and likely some members of the police force.
Bridgeport Police Chief John Walker said he and his department look forward to working with Campbell and actor Dean Cain, who will star in the film.
“We helped (Campbell) out with another movie and he was so good to work with,” Walker said. “We like having a good connection with the community and I think this movie – ‘Dispatched’ – casts a good light on law enforcement and we are privileged to be able to do it.”
The movie features bigger-than-life problems, solved only through the healing power of God.
Officer Thomas was revered by his colleagues for his fearless pursuit of perpetrators, but he had a dark side and that was an uncontrollable temper. God transforms Thomas and his street-hardened heart into an ambassador for God’s love.
Originally against the idea, he decides to attend a healing service with his wife, who is blind. As is often the case, that decision came only after desperation set in and he quit trying to carry the burden on his own shoulders. Through the couple’s faith and the power of the almighty God, his wife’s sight is ultimately restored.
Cain, best known for his role as Superman in ABC’s “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” will play the role of the chief of police in the movie. A police officer i a role he can relate to. Last summer, Cain was sworn in as a reserve police officer for the police force in St. Anthony, Idaho. He joined his longtime friend and ‘CHiPS” actor Erik Estrada in a mission to protect children from bullying and internet predators.
In that capacity, Cain will serve as the keynote speaker at the West Virginia Chiefs of Police Association annual conference, to be held Sept. 27-29 at Bridgeport Conference Center. Upwards of 100 police chiefs are expected to attend.
Walker said Bridgeport is proud to host the conference the last week of September, which coincides with the local filming of “Dispatched.”
Campbell said he is once again glad to work in Bridgeport, especially with a film that presents an opportunity to show appreciation to law enforcement.
Filming will also take place at local jail facilities. Also involved with the filmmaking will be several locals who have played roles in prior JC Films projects. Auditions will not be held for “Dispatched,” but there are opportunities to become involved. For more information on the film and how to submit an inquiry via email, click HERE.
Cain also starred in “Zombie High School,” which was filmed, primarily at Bridgeport Middle School in July. Campbell said he will be announcing in the upcoming weeks when and where the premiere will be held.
Also to be premiered in the near future is “Child of the King,” in which Cain and several JC Films veteran actors appear. The premiere is scheduled for 3 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 8 at Word-Life Assembly of God in Clarksburg. One of the scenes for the film was shot at that church, Campbell said. Much of the filming was done in Bridgeport and surrounding areas. The rest was done in Ecuador. The premiere is free to attend with dinner following the screening. Copies of "Child of the King" and other JC Films movies will be available for purchase. For more information about the film, visit
Before filming “Dispatched,” Campbell is working in Boston on an opioid awareness project. "Jack Jonah" also stars Cain and other JC Films veteran actors. 
Following the filming for “Dispatched,” JC Films plans to do another movie in Bridgeport.
“It’s called ‘Blind Drive Ahead,’ dealing with teens texting and driving,” Campbell said. “The guy that is doing that film is leading law enforcement against distractive driving through a non-profit based in Florida. He was up here during the filming of ‘The Zombie Club” and he was so impressed with the city and the kids that instead of filming the movie in Florida – which was the original plan – he wants to film it here.”
That movie will likely be shot in late-2019 or early-2020. During the filming of “The Zombie Club,” Cain and several teen actors were featured in a series of PSAs to promote the movie. They will be released later this month or in September, Campbell said.
Through JC Films, Campbell has made more than a dozen faith-based films. To purchase a film or schedule a visit to your church, click HERE

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