Johnson Elementary Hosts Annual Career Awareness Day

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on November 12, 2019 via

Johnson Elementary School held its Career Awareness Day today with members of the community sharing information about their respective careers. JES Counselor/Event Organizer Julie Fulks said 32 individuals – mostly JES parents – took part in the annual event.
Each fifth-grade classroom heard from several different presenters, including an airline pilot, cosmetologist, nurse practitioner, lawyer, financial advisor, computer scientist and many other professionals. 
"I send a sign-up sheet home with every fifth grade child and then people sign up to speak," Fulks said. "I am very fortunate to have such involved parents, so it's a pretty easy thing for me to put together."
There are thirty-two 30-minute sessions, with each student learning about eight different speakers/careers.
"This year I had all, but two time slots filled by fifth grade parents/relatives," Fulks said. "I like to allow my students an opportunity to learn about a variety of different jobs. I asked them to keep an open mind to all types of careers. We always get a variety and the kids really enjoy it."
The students were receptive of the presentations. They asked questions and shared some of their own career aspirations such as becoming a veterinarian, fashion designer, cardiologist, geologist, physical therapist and teacher.
Fulks said students are always excited about the event and gather important feedback about various professions, helping to spark their own career aspirations. More photos will be added to this post.
Presenters for 2019 included:
Session 1:
  1. (K)  Computer Scientist- Nelson Ferry (Briston)
  2. (Sm) Housing Case Manager- Noell Hammer (Addison Minnix)
  3. (St) FBI Analysts- Julie and John Minnocci (Jovanni and Dominico)
  4. (T)  Finance Manager- Weldon Thomas (London)
Session 2: 
  1. (K) FBI, Management and Program Analysts- Michelle and Alex Meder (Gabriel)
  2. (Sm) Pharmacist- Alexander Lewis (Maria)
  3. (St) Pilot- Brian Parker (Brilyn)
  4. (T) WVU Children’s Hospital Pediatric Health Truck- Katie Hansen (Isaiah Hampton)
Session 3:
  1. (K) Cosmetologist- Darlene Beanard (Kyliegh)
  2. (Sm) Marketing Director- Jason Williams (Aubrey)
  3. (St) Software Engineer- Zach Anglin (Kylee)
  4. (T)- Journalist, Connect-Bridgeport- Julie Perine
Session 4:
  1. (K) Physician Assistant- Ned Hess  (Juliet)
  2. (Sm) Petroleum Geologist- Joseph Smith (Henry)
  3. (St) Public Service Trainer- Mike Freeman (Katelyn)
  4. (T)- Physician- Julia Teubert (Sean Veltri)
Session 5:
  1. (K) Pediatric Nurse Practitioner- Adrea Leach (Ansley)
  2. (Sm) Petroleum Geologist- Joseph Smith (Henry)
  3. (St)  Software Engineer- Chris Kerr (Audrey)
  4. (T) US SBA/Federal Government/Entrepreneurship- George Murray (Caitlin)
Session 6:
  1. (K) Physical Therapist/Dance Studio Owner- Heather Mudrick (Emma Hansberry)
  2. (Sm) Manager/Contractor, SteelFab Welding- Christian Marsh (Kennedy)
  3. (St) Financial Advisor- Shawn Wilson (Allie)  
  4. (T) Chenoweth Ford, Automotive Careers (Brody Brockleman)
Session 7:
  1. (K) Nurse Anesthetist- John Caputo (Johnny)
  2. (Sm) Judge/Lawyer- John Lewis Marks (Malaki)
  3. (St) Landman, EQT- Jeremy White (Kylie)
  4. (T) Supervisor, Bombardiere Aerospace- Michael Horne (Gabby)
Session 8:
  1. (K)  JC Films- Jason Campbell (Emma Hansberry)
  2. (Sm) Judge/Lawyer- John Lewis Marks (Malaki)
  3. (St)  International Lawyer- Greg Noone
  4. (T) Maintenance Control, Flex Jet- Matt Isner (Aiden Hogue)
Editor's Note: On behalf of the Greater Bridgeport Convention & Visitors Bureau and Connect-Bridgeport, Julie Perine attended, sharing information about our city, its events, growth and recent happenings. The students played Bridgeport trivia, proving they knew a lot about our city. The trive questions led to conversation about some of their kids' favorite Bridgeport activities. The students also learned new things about their hometown and about how the Connect-Bridgeport Web site serves as a tool to inform individuals about news, sports and happenings. Also discussed were skills to be developed to enter the tourism or journalism career fields. 

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