Meet BHS Senior Face Addison Courtney

By Julie Perine on May 01, 2020 via

Meet today’s Bridgeport High School Senior Face, Addison Courtney.
Hey there Addison. Tell me about your involvement at BHS over the past four years …
I was on the wrestling team for four years. I was part of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) for four years where I was the leader of the club for two of those years. I was in Drug Free Club from my sophomore to my senior year. I was in Key Club my freshman and sophomore year. I am in French Honorary and I am also a business completer.
What are your best memories of high school? Wrestling road trips with my coaches and teammates.
What are your college plans? I plan to attend Fairmont State University to study sports management.
What is your life’s dream? My life dream is to become a sports agent for the NFL or to own my own business.
What teachers or friends have made an impact on you that you will carry with you beyond high school graduation?
Mr. DeMotto and Mrs. Runner have made a huge impact on me. Mr. DeMotto was always there for me and constantly checking on me every chance he got. Mrs. Runner has definitely prepared me for after high school. She has taught me many things on how the business world works along with other life skills such as insurance, how to save money in college, simulations for certain jobs, how banks work, and other life skills that should be taught more in school. Mr. Marshall also impacted me by taking me in and allowing me to lead FCA and teaching me along the way.
If you work, tell me about your job. As of right now I am not working, but plan to get a job soon. 
What are your favorite teams? My favorite sports teams are the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys.
What social media platforms do you like? I use Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tik Tok.
How has COVID-19 affected your senior year? Have you learned anything from all of this? I believe the lockdown was the right thing to do, no matter how badly I want to go back to school. It's a little upsetting that a lot of the activities that we seniors have been wanting to do for the past four years have been cancelled.
Tell me about your family. My dad is Chris Courtney and my mom is Toma Courtney. I have one sister named Gracie, that plays soccer. I also have two great danes Landry and Duke. My dad and my uncle Ryan Courtney were my wrestling coaches throughout high school. On my dad's side of the family, I have three cousins that will be going to Bridgeport High School soon. I have two cousins that go to Fairmont Senior, one will be graduating. I have two other cousins who live in Texas. My grandparents live in Fairmont. On my mom's side of the family, I have four cousins from that live in Saint Albans along with my grandparents.
What else would you like to add? I plan on coaching the Bridgeport High School wrestling team sometime after high school.

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