Sewer Line, Sidewalk Replacement Underway at Olive Street/Pennsylvania Avenue

By Julie Perine on August 19, 2019 via

Residents along Olive Street and Pennsylvania Avenue will be putting up with issues of traffic and disarray but will be pleased with the finished product.
Underway starting today is a sewer line replacement project, a continuation of upgrades to the city’s sanitary sewer system.
“We find throughout the city that developers have installed lines many years ago and then continued to add additional houses to the same lateral,” said City Engineer Beth Fox. “These are sometimes found to be undersized and can occasionally cause problems.”
The project is being conducted in-house. Crews are upgrading line to an 8-inch PVC, replacing 4-Inch ACP line, Fox said. Approximately 125-LF of new line will be installed.
Along with the sanitary sewer line project, sidewalks will also replaced.
"So we're looking at maybe three weeks of work," Fox said.
The project begins at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Olive Street. Expect some traffic delays in this area.

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