The Davisson Brothers: The Next Reality TV Show?

By Julie Perine on July 20, 2014 via

Reality show fans likely know Willie, Jayce, Phil and Miss Kay. In the coming months, they just may be introduced to Donnie, Chris, Sammy and Aaron.
The Davisson Brothers Band is the subject of a brand new reality show, filmed under the direction of Sandra J. Smith, a producer whose credits include “Couples Retreat," "The Internship" and "Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show." Smith is working independently on the Davisson project, along with Steve Condon of 10:10 Creative.
“For lack of better comparison, it's like ‘Duck Dynasty' meets 'Jackass' meets "Andy Griffith,'" Chris Davisson said. “It’s about our family and our band and will showcase a lot of West Virginia and our travels.”
The guys are ideal for a reality show for a number of reasons, Smith said.
Their music is, of course, a big point of interest and the upcoming nationwide radio tour makes that storyline even more appealing.
“They’re stepping outside their regional boundaries and seeking national notoriety,” she said.
There is also the Davissons’ lifestyle, history and relationships with family and friends, Smith said.
In working with the musicians, she describes their personalities as infectious.
“I was super intrigued by them and they have such an interesting lifestyle. They lead a really wild life,” she said. “Everybody says ‘Wild and Wonderful West Virginia’ and I think these guys are the epitome of wild and wonderful.
Smith first became associated with the Davissons during a music video shoot last summer.
"10:10 Creative has been involved with the Davisson Brothers Band from the beginning," she said. "(Steve Condon) brought (the reality show) project to me." 
Since engaging in the shoot, Smith has hung out with the Davissons in various settings.
“I spent time with them at their Uncle Pete’s farm that their grandfather bought in the 1940s. That’s family history,” Smith said. “It’s so interesting that their dad comes from a family of 10 kids and his dad comes from a family of 10 kids. They all grew up in the hollers of West Virginia – multiple generations– living off the land – fishing and hunting.”
Smith said she was quite interested to learn that Chris, Donnie and Sammy’s Grandfather Daniel Davisson was one of the founders of West Virginia. It’s likely a little known fact that George Washington deeded him hundreds, possibly thousands, of acres of land in the area now known as Clarksburg.
Smith and the Davissons will soon be pitching the project to TV outlets. The first scheduled meetings, Chris Davisson said, are with CMT, A&E, truTV, the History Channel and VH1. 
“It’s just a matter of who thinks it’s an intriguing enough show that they’ll pick it up,” Smith said. “In reality TV, it’s all about the characters and I think we have some great characters.”
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Editor's Note: Top two/cover photos promo pictures; others by Tyler Maxwell of Ben Queen Photography (, taken at the band's July 3 performance/meet and greet at Bridgeport City Park. 
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