"The West Virginia Pepperoni Roll" Book, Featuring Several Harrison County Bakeries, To Be Released June 1

By Trina Runner on May 21, 2017 via

On June 1, 2017, a book will be released that you can really sink your teeth into. West Virginia native Candace Nelson authored “The West Virginia Pepperoni Roll,” spending much of her time researching Harrison County establishments known for their unique twist on the West Virginia classic. 
A food column author and blogger, Nelson first encountered the opportunity to write the book while reporting on the legislature to make the pepperoni roll that state food.  The bill didn’t pass, but her article sparked enough interest for a book publishing company to contact her, inspiring her to tell the story of one of the Mountain State’s most notable foods.
As defined by Nelson, the pepperoni roll is defined as a soft-baked roll with sticks, slices, or ground pieces of pepperoni inside.  Through her statewide research, she discovered regional differences including the addition of sauce and cheese. 
“I love everything about the pepperoni roll. I love that it started in the coal mining industry and represents the resilience of the state,” she said, noting that the origin of the pepperoni roll rests with the wives of the coal miners who created it for lunches.
Although Country Club Bakery in Fairmont is most commonly credited  with creating the commercial version of the pepperoni, Nelson found that people tend to prefer the brand they grew up with.  Some of the favorites in Harrison County that were featured in the book included Home Industry, Tomaro’s, Rogers and Mazza’s (Marty’s), Abbruzino’s and D’Annunzios.
With each bakery, Nelson was nourished with both samples and stories.
“Mike Harris of Home Industry Bakery, started working at the shop when he was so young he had to stand on milk crates to reach the counter. Chris Abruzzino observed that customers inspect the rolls to see which ones have the most oil and spices seeping through the bread.” Said Nelson. 
The book details regarding the history, science, culture, regional variations and even great debates about the pepperoni roll in a comprehensive guide that is guaranteed to get your mouth watering.  The book is available for pre-sale now on and available at most bookstores across West Virginia on June 1. 
“I want people to take pride in the pepperoni roll.  It is symbolic of our culinary culture and our people and I hope they enjoy the book and then go on a tasting tour of all the bakeries around the state,” said Nelson.

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