Trio of Clarksburg Residents Charged with Murder to Stand Trial Alone as Opposed to Co-Defendants

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on February 13, 2018 via

According to WBOY, three Clarksburg residents accused of murder appeared in Harrison County Circuit Court Thursday.
Elizabeth Jenkins, Daniel Amsler and Warren Hall are accused of murdering Keyairy Wilson, of Ohio. Court documents stated that on March 20, 2017, Jenkins, Amsler and Hall planned to rob Wilson. During the robbery, Jenkins shot Wilson with a pistol, killing her, according to police. The trio, then, transported Wilson's body to Barbour County to dispose of it, police said. The body was discovered on Saturday, April 1.
Judge James Matish decided Thursday that he would separate the three trials instead of trying them as co-defendants.
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Editor's Note: File photo of Judge James Matish.

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